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Flipkart to Introduce 3 Hour Instant Deliveries


isn’t still happy doing the same day delivery any more. It is now looking to earn big bucks by delivering products within three hours of ordering. Though the plan is still in its infancy, proposes to start delivering packages within the three hour time frame, full throttle in six months. Now that’s a major commitment and considering the vastness of each city, transit costs and time are a matter of concern. But however Sujeet Kumar of feels otherwise, “The kind of data we have is much richer than, say Google Maps”

Flipkart in talks to raise about US 0 million to strengthen operations
The fresh funding would help the company stave off competition from rivals like Amazon as well as latest entrant Alibaba

Attributing to a strong logistics, large warehouses and sufficient manpower of more than 12,000, Flipkart sure has an advantage. If Flipkart express delivery works better than planned, it will be back into the game, glorified. Also the company is already churning out strategies to make this a reality and has started deploying technology that will help Flipkart take orders and track the delivery process in no time to ensure a speedy delivery.