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DuPont, Reliance & Vipul Saree Collaborate to Launch Green Saree Collection


DuPont, Reliance Industries and Vipul Sarees have collaborated to launch an exclusive collection of Green saree made with DuPont’s latest innovation for the textile industry, DuPont Sorona which is a renewably sourced fibre.

DuPont, a pioneer in fabric innovation for over a hundred years with innovations such as rayon, nylon, and Lycra, is joining forces with Reliance and Vipul to offer the modern Indian woman a saree that has not only environmental benefits, but performance, luxury and high fashion.

Balvinder Singh Kalsi, President, South Asia & ASEAN, DuPont said “As a science company, our goal is to respond to that demand with solutions like Sorona, a fibre that is developed with less impact to the environment yet offers premium performance as well as comfort and the feel of fabrics like silk. By partnering with industry veterans Reliance and Vipul, we are able to bring together all the elements necessary to offer a compelling new product for today’s evolved Indian consumers.”

The saree collection is made using a yarn of Sorona fibre, which is developed from renewable plant based sources instead of traditional synthetic fibres which are sourced from fossil fuels.  This green fibre is then spun into a high-fashion collection that is inspired by the four seasons of spring, summer, monsoon and winter and made in chiffon, crepe and satin material. They are light weight, luxuriously soft, flattering to the figure and are designed keeping the style and comfort of the wearer in mind.

“As an industry leader and innovator, Reliance has been at the forefront in bringing specialty products for value-addition to the Indian textile industry. We are pleased to bring yarns based on Sorona to the Indian textiles through this collaboration with DuPont now,” commented Rakesh Gaur, Sector Head – Reliance Polyester.

Anil Agarwal, Managing Director, Vipul Fashions shared, “We are happy to associate with a global science company like DuPont. We have designed these sarees to appeal to the modern Indian woman who is looking for luxurious softness like silk. Our premium collection of sarees made with Sorona offers the superior softness and colour brilliance of silk, are light weight, easy to maintain and offer excellent drape.” Sorona Sarees by Vipul will be available across1000 stores in over 100 cities across India.