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Sandeep Jalan



Member: Privilege Clubs (India Retail Forum)
Sandeep Jalan has been a powerful workforce behind the success of Sohum as a strong, enduring and progressive retail brand from the North-east Indian state of Assam. A strong minded entrepreneur underneath, his powerful vision has been instrumental in driving the growth and innovation story at one of India’s most successful regional retail chains.

A strong administrator, Jalan also has deep insights in merchandising, which he applies at Sohum Shoppe’s five stores. His interest in buying is seen more profoundly in home furniture and furnishing solutions, which has led to the creation of Home@Sohum, a unique speciality concept for home improvement products.

Goods well bought are half sold, he says. “Intelligent and informed buying decisions help retailers in minimising dead stocks in the future as well as eradicating presence of unwanted merchandise at stores,” he states.

“While we are dealing with a competitive market, it is necessary to stay and think a step ahead of the trend. This objective, once strictly followed, lends any retailer an extra edge,” Jalan adds.

“I enjoy being in retail because I enjoy giving people the pleasure of being fashionable and own premium goods, although to raise the standards of retailing in tier II and III locations to match national or international bars has been a major challenge,” he notes.

Referring to the massive untapped potential across consumption categories, Jalan believes Indian retailers must invest in developing a deep understanding of the country’s mass market to convert potential into profit. -By Nupur Chakraborty