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Ritu Kumar Opens Premium Club


has introduced Premium Club, a tier based Loyalty program. It as a customer engagement initiative in partnership with Capillary Technologies.  designs and retails designer women’s clothing including bridal, ready to wear ethnic and western wear.

Label Ritu Kumar, a sub-brand and international line blending Indian aesthetics with global design talent, was launched in 2002. Label Ritu Kumar, is a fast growing segment positioned for young women who are exposed to global trends.

It retails online and through the existing chain of over 35 stores and standalone outlets. Keeping up with its forward-thinking approach to fashion retailing, Capillary helps the brand effectively enhance the way it interacts with and drives delightful experiences to loyal customers.

Driving this change is a clear focus to base business operations on customer preferences and expectations, with clear insights into how customers shop, what they love and expect, and how they can be brought back into stores with better promotional and shopping experiences.

As with any luxury retail, every customer is high value for Ritu Kumar. The brand has always endeavoured to better understand its customers and use this intelligence for enhanced customer experience. With this data-driven focus, within just a year, the brand is reaping sizeable benefits by being technology savvy to track customer interactions, trends and choices. It has built rich customer profiles with high repeat conversions. Timely customer engagement that is driving loyalty is now becoming a reality.

, CEO, Ritu Kumar said, “Our key objectives were to launch a loyalty programme spanning all of our premium brands, invest in understanding our customers’ needs and motivations, and use those insights to engage better with customers in a timely and smart manner. Our customers expect meaningful one-on-one conversations with a personal touch. Capillary’s platform for intelligent customer contact management best suited our needs, comprehensively serving our existing stores with the bandwidth to seamlessly scale up to newer stores.”

Capillary’s Intelligent Customer Engagement solution facilitates omni-channel customer data acquisition, analysis and engagement. The solution feeds Ritu Kumar’s frontline assistants with arrays of customers whom they need to touch base with and helps marketing managers run and track the performance of engagement campaigns. Intelligent marketing makes targeted product launches possible based on customers’ known preferences and major events such as birthdays and anniversaries. The solution is generating extra revenue during campaign periods.

, Co-Founder & India Head, Capillary Technologies said, “Helping the brand get smarter about customer interactions was a top priority. A points-based loyalty programme is upcoming and aggressively recognises customers’ lifetime value and loyalty stages. Engaging with customers based on that metric is a sound growth strategy.”