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Chandigarh Emerges as no.1 Fashion Conscious City in India


Fashion focused social network, .com has launched a fashion study in India covering the top cities. It works at both city levels and the individual level. The city index is based on the collective activity of .com active users from that city.

In the study Chandigarh has emerged as a highest ranked fashion concious city in India, followed by Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Delhi.
Co- founder said, “Everyone has witnessed how e-commerce has revolutionized the availability of products for shopping. But it has created another problem or need – how to discover these products in such a cluttered online space. The success of the Roposo.com Fashion Addict Index only goes to prove that fashion seekers are finding Roposo.com a perfect destination to discover their fashion needs.”

Conceived as a destination for fashion addicts, Roposo.com has over 2 lakh products across 5000 brands from more than 150 vendors. All of these products are curated and recommended to each user as per her individual taste, making it a highly intuitive platform for fashion networking.