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Woodland launches Anti-Microbe Shoes and Trekking Umbrellas


Woodland has launched another path-breaking set of technology-led collection for these monsoons. The collection has been designed keeping in mind the varying wet and humid weather conditions. It has products like Woodland trekking umbrella and anti-microbe shoes to its portfolio.

The Woodland professional trekking umbrellas is a collection of unique pocket umbrellas, which is the lightest but the strongest trekking umbrella in the world and can withstand rain or sun.

These pocket umbrellas comes with automatic open-close mechanism supported with long lasting bright led-torch.

For the robustness and protective layer anti- microbe shoes are effective in both wet and dry conditions. The shoes are fabricated to prevent the growth of microbes and harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae that grows due to excessive moisture. It also helps to keep a check on the hygiene factor and averts the break of any harmful infections. The shoes are also equipped with a UV indicator that ensures that the technology work.