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Microspa Hair Care Product Launch


Winston and have bought into the country  Microspa, a revolutionary product for hair and scalp-related problems. A combination of Micro- Camera and a band new technology in Nanomist along with other wide range of exclusive hair and scalp treatment products. It was launched by Denis Joseph Delgado, celebrity stylist to Tom Cruise, , Sharon Stone, Vivian Westwood and other international movie stars to demonstrate some of the most chic hairstyles post the fashion show. Winston Lee, CEO -Microspa mentions, “Microspa is a revolutionary product designed to be the ultimate solution for hair & scalp problems”. Over the years the feedback that we have received from clients has helped us research and develop Microspa specifically targeted towards the Indian audience. We would like to think that we have finally found a way to address and resolve what excessive chemical treatments, the Indian climate and general neglect does to ones hair and scalp. We hope that the Indian market enjoys Microspa treatments and products and the quality and standards that Microspa comes with.”