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Top Tips on Hair Tools by Celebrity Hairstylist Asgar Saboo

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Known for his magical styles being endorsed by leading celebrities including Eva Longoria, Twiggy, Cindy Crawford and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, UK-based hair maestro, Asgar Saboo is one of the veteran hair experts in the industry. Here are a few tips for the industry professionals for selecting right hair tools.

Importance of the right tool
The condition of hair changes with age, health, environment, stress and chemical treatments. Coupled with a nutritious diet and adequate hair protection, using the right hairstyling tools is very important. The simple hair brush plays a critical role in maintaining the hair and enhancing its growth. One should use certain types of brush for a particular hair type as it helps keen the scalp clean and improve blood circulation.

Saboo’s must-have
The market is full of hair tools and equipments including variety of brushes and combs. However, Saboo prefers the Military hair brush. “I would recommend the Military brush always in your kit. Typically, it does not have handle and to be hold in the palm and are easily fit into handbags. For men, they are excellent for the slicked-back look. It’s bristles come in an air cushion base, which enables the brush to contour the scalp shape and give a stimulating massage and help the roots in absorbing the oil well,” notes Saboo.

Right hair brush
Using these brushes, an stylist can create any style. Saboo suggest these brushes for professionals and its features:

Paddle brush:
It is perfect for smoothing and detangling the tresses quickly and can manage all hair types and textures. The paddle brush is typically large, flat and wide, available in wide variety of bristles, including pure boar and nylon. Paddle brushes with ion bristles, a relatively new kind of bristle, help to generate ionic energy from the brushing motion, which reduces static in the hair.

Military brush:
It is also suitable for all hair types, but I would especially suggest it for men with short hair, who wear it in a relaxed and slicked-back style. The bristles on military brushes are either natural boar or nylon, however, military brushes have extra soft bristles that are suitable for those with fine and delicate hair.

Radial or round brush:
These brushes have bristles covering its head and are suitable for those with long hair. More important than the brush in this case, is having the correct blow-drying technique when styling. This will ultimately affect how long styling takes.

Half-radial brush:
Similar to Radial brushes, but with only half the head of the brush covered in bristles, these brushes are perfect for styling and maintaining thick hair. The bristles sit on air cushions, much like a paddle brush, and therefore massage the scalp and help to stimulate blood flow.

Picture courtesy: Denman, Vega

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