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RebelsMarket.com Launches first International Alternative Marketplace


.com has launched the first alternative-inspired online marketplace and community for the anti-mainstream and fashion-forward. The site caters to individuals with unique interests in different fashion subcultures, including glam goth, punk, street, emo, rock, skate, steampunk, burlesque, fantasy and tattoo.

With Co-founders hailing from Kenya, Germany and the U.S., RebelsMarket offers International goods from antiestablishment and Indie brands. According to co-founder Robert Wagner, the idea stemmed from his personal experiences growing up as a self-proclaimed rebel. He refused to accept what was socially acceptable and instead preferred a more edgy and rebellious lifestyle. After launching a tattoo-themed Facebook page and gaining 4 million “likes”, he knew there was a large, underservedcounterculture fan base who would value a marketplace to buy and sell edgy, alternative items.

, co-founder, RebelsMarket shared his opinion, “What makes RebelsMarket interesting is being able to offer the fashion rebel an international marketplace carrying curated goods from coveted underground brands and independent sellers. He further adds “Our style is influenced by the edgiest and rebellious of fashion—from Goth to burlesque, from tattoo to steampunk”.

RebelsMarket provides sellers from all over the world with the opportunity to create free online store fronts and charges a 15-percent transaction fee once an item is sold. Vendors can connect with a niche audience of subculture fans in search of hard-to-find unconventional products. Featured sellers include Tattoo Fast Online, Steampunk Retro, and InkAddict just to name a few. Since its inception in 2012, RebelsMarket has realized 45 percent growth month over month.

Some of the trending items on RebelsMarket include avant-garde layered cardigans, leather wristbands, journals,tattoo, goth, vintage clothing retro messenger bags, temporary tattoos and more.