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Rahul Jagtiani


Founder & Managing Partner
Plush Plaza

Rahul is a product of , after which he went to Virginia Tech where he got a double degree in MIS (Management Information Systems) and Marketing. He also has a diploma in Interior Design and has worked on various commercial and residential projects during his tenure in his family interior design and contracting business. Since he always wanted to start his own company, he launched Plush Plaza 3 years ago with the aim of offering unique and trendy accessories as well as innovative gifts online. Today they ship out orders to not only all parts of the country, but also all corners of the globe. They steadily receive orders from the US, UK, Denmark, Australia, Singapore, and closer to home, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Even today, Plush Plaza stands out among the plethora of e-commerce websites coming up every day.  Apart from work, Rahul is a fitness enthusiast and he believes in working out daily. Swimming too, is something that completely relaxes him after a long and hard day. Adventure sports, is another passion of his, and he relishes the opportunity to take off whenever he can to indulge in this hobby. Scuba diving is a recent addiction and is something he has taken up with alot of enthusiasm.  He lends his company philosophy of offering unique products to his travels by blogging about ‘off the beaten track’ places or alternative experiences while visiting new places. These blogs can be found on the company blog page: www.plushplaza.com/blog under the Plush Places link. A couple of blogs on scuba diving experiences are also listed there. They have recently started a YouTube channel where they showcase some of their gifting products. Rahul host’s the videos, as he is pretty comfortable in front of a camera, a trait that has stayed on with him during his brief modeling stint when he also won the Gladrags Manhunt title (runners up) in 2004. However he definitely sees himself as an entrepreneur first!