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WGSN Presents Platinum Design Trends


WGSN has unveiled classic and eternal Platinum Design Trends by Luxury Archeology, design direction for platinum jewellery. Apart from traditional gold, platinum too has paved its way into the jewellery boxes of consumers. While ensuring to match the desire for modern designs via evolving existing collections and adapting trends which influence the design direction adopted in India. Vaishali Banerjee, Country Manager India, Platinum Guild International shares, “The findings of the WGSN report serves as a creative tool and presents contextual recommendations for the development of platinum designs based on globally established trend structures. The focus is currently on the early adopters who are driving change and will permeate to a larger audience via trendsetting platinum designs that consumers’ desire. We aim to demonstrate the value of design futures to the platinum industry”.

Consumer Tribe – Post Urbanites: WGSN demarcated consumer tribes and then aligned the key aesthetic direction for each of them for platinum jewellery. Post Urbanites is a consumer tribe defined as a set of people who are seeking a balance between tradition and modernity. They are looking at technology, as a means to connect more to the surroundings. The objects associated with this tribe encourage contemplation and emotional response. Looking deep, focusing on the moment and a sense of humanism form the basis of this direction. Consumers are also talking about mindful living and single-tasking, the Zen-like, almost spiritual ability to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Key Aesthetic Direction – Luxury Archaeology: Sourcing influences of inspiration which are aesthetically viable; designers to cultural theorists to philosophers are advocating revolutionary ways to re-imagine civilization in the modern world.

Explores ideas of refinement and reconstruction: surfaces that are not so perfect, softer textures
Use of ancient materials and processes blended with postmodern sensibilities
Celebrates the unconventionally beauty with use of colour-blocking and mismatched textures to create new abstract, minimalistic looks
„Modern ethnic? direction incorporates cultural symbolism while striking a balanced approach

Design hooks adapted from the Trend – Luxury Archaeology

Sliced – Layers of contrasting colours and textures are revealed in cross-sections, and surfaces are etched or embossed with contours inspired by natural geological forms.

Organic -Platinum has the ability to be intuitively modelled into fluid forms.

Liquid Reflections – Liquid mercury effects are captured in highly polished platinum but despite these high shine, watery finishes surfaces have a crinkled and hammered texture.

Micro- Texture -Platinum is embossed with fine textures and handmade irregularity directs surface or pattern detail.

Ultra Delicate – Precious and personal, the trend for minuscule jewellery continues. Super-fine, delicate and ultra craftsmanship – may include super-small precious stones for an heirloom feel.

Symbolic – Family crests, heroic symbols, mythological icons and fantastical beasts feature on contemporary platinum pieces all inspired by ancient relics from this, or a fantasy world.