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McDonald’s Launches Royale Range Burgers in Premium Category


chain McDonald’s has launched a Royale Range of burgers in the Indian market. According to the company officials, the new burgers, McPaneer Royale; and Grilled Chicken Royale are high on taste and big in size. With the launch of the new range, McDonald’s claims to have strengthened the product offerings at the premium tier of its menu.

Introducing the new Royale burgers in the market, Kailash Agarwal, Director, McDonald’s India (North & East); and Member of National Menu Development Council, said: ‘For the last few years, since the introduction of McSpicy range of premium products, our focus has been to strengthen our menu across all levels…be it the McEgg in the value range (Happy Price Menu); Masala Grill in the mid- tier; and now Royale, our most premium product range’.”

“The new range helps us in reinforcing our positioning as a family restaurant brand catering to all age groups; instead of just a value brand that generally people associate McDonald’s with; and we have products available for all customer segments across our menu,” he further added.

McPaneer Royale has soft and juicy paneer, marinated with French herbs and seared grilled topped with a creamy cheese and onion sauce, lettuce salad, tomato roundels and jalapeno slivers sandwiched in fresh corn meal dusted buns.

Grilled Chicken Royale is minced chicken infused with smoky aroma; and McDonald’s classic Grilled Chicken Patty topped with chicken slices; mayonnaise sauce, salad mix and tomato roundels sandwiched in fresh corn meal dusted buns

Priced at Rs 115 for McPaneer Royale and Rs 125 for Grilled Chicken Royale exclusive of taxes, the new range is available across all McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India.

McDonald’s follows differential pricing across various locations in North and East of India which means that same product will be priced differently at Highstreet; Highway, Shopping Malls; and McDelivery. The VAT structure across different states will also impacts the final pricing of the product.

McDonald’s currently has 332 restaurants in India of which 156 are in North and East India and 176 in West and South India.