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Oscar 2014 Goes to Looks by TIGI


from TIGI India decodes the looks of seven. Hollywood stars who walked the red carpet at the 86th Academy Awards this year

Amy Adams

On washed hair apply Fixations Totally Baked for volume and hold. Blow dry hair with a slight wave. Part hair to the left and separate the top section. With the rest of the hair, make a French roll and secure with bobby pins. Spritz Bedhead Massive Shine Hairspray on the top section and tong using a medium-size barrel. Let the wave cool. Brush it, pull back, away from the face and combine with the roll. Secure with bobby pins and hold with hairspray.

Jennifer Lawrence

Short hair with loads of volume and a strapless dress looked simply gorgeous on Jennifer Lawrence. On 70 per cent damp hair, spitz TIGI’s Bedhead Superstar Queen For A Day from the hairline to little below the crown and the volumising mousse, TIGI’S Candy Fixations Totally Baked, through the mid-length and ends of the hair. Using a medium-sized round brush, blow dry while lifting the roots and add massive volumeTo create texture, apply a soft matt wax like TIGI’s B For Men Matt Separation Wax and run your fingers through the hair for separation. Finish with TIGI’s Bedhead Hard Head Hairspray.

Bradley Cooper

On dry hair, use TIGI’s Bedhead Wax Stick throughout in a circular motion to create texture and separation through the hair. Tame the sides down and flat. Fingers set the crown area to the left and slightly twist the ends of the hair to show more separation.

Kate Hudson

On towel dried hair, use a mousse TIGI’s Foxy Curl Mousse. Blast dry till 100 percent dry and blow dry the top with a paddle brush and choose your part. Use a large tong and wrap big sections of hair around to create barrel curls throughout the hair. Run your fingers through the hair to open up the curls slightly. Spritz TIGI’s Bedhead Massive Shine Hairspray and wear the hair over one shoulder.

Chrissy Teigen

On towel dried hair, use TIGI’s Bedhead Foxy Curls Contour Cream through the mid length and ends of the hair. Apply TIGI’S Bedhead Superstar Queen For The Day on the roots and throughout the hair for volume and thickness. Blast dry. Use a small round brush and blow dry the hairline away from the face with volume. Use a large tong and create waves through the hair, once again working away from the face. Tousle with fingers to open out the curls. Use TIGI’s Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray for hold, but allow movement in the hair.

Naomi Watts

To prep the hair, start with a good strengthening shampoo like TIGI’s Bedhead Elasticate shampoo and conditioner. On damp hair, apply TIGI’s Bedhead Superstar Thermal Blow Dry Lotion. Blow dry the fringe area first and set in a roller, taking the hair away from the face. The rest of the hair is blow dried in sections using a paddle brush. Remove the roller, backcomb the fringe and set at a slight angle. One can use bobby pins to secure the hair, if needed. Spritz a hairspray for long-lasting hold.

Ryan Seacrest

On towel dried hair, use a medium hold wax like TIGI’s Bedhead Hard To Get. Push the sides down and flat. Using a dryer and fingers, push the hair on the crown towards the right and apply a little more wax to the front for a long-lasting hold.

This article is originally published in April issue’14 of Salon International magazine.