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Trends Adopted from West


Fashion is the most versatile and lucrative domain to be in. Over the years, women have been influenced by western trends – be it the red carpet, awards functions, Hollywood celebrities or fashionistas in the West. The cuts and silhouettes we see today have been majorly inspired from the West. Due to technological development and easy online accessibility, it takes just a couple of seconds to get updates about the latest trends and the same are inhabited and interpreted to form new styles and designs.

Women today are independent, modern and bold. They do not shy away from experimenting with new trends and want to stay up to date with the latest happenings globally. Due to this, we have adapted many trends from the West but that’s not it. India also contributes its share by sharing their traditional fashion elements and bestows designs that are rich in culture and heritage to the global fashion world. The way we are connected today and share ideas have resulted in the exchange of fashion ideas and concepts across the globe. We have certainly adapted trends from the West and moulded them into completely new avatars.


International runway trends last year included layering, stripes, digital and geometric prints. Layering by wearing tops and shirts and then completing the look with a scarf was very common and soon adapted here in India. In fact, women experimented with shades, colours, checks and different types of prints in single attires. Vertical and horizontal stripes were also in trend with various women going bold with a mix of both stripes and setting the trend in the country as well. Digital prints were something new and grabbed immediate attention. Digital prints are exciting, can be abstract and look pretty complicated. The season also saw soft geometrics and pleasing designs, which were again adopted from the international runways.

Another major trend seen was the monochrome with contrasting colours. Pops and neons became a rage amongst the young peppy audience. And, it encapsulated the fashion street with monochrome styled apparel, accessories, shoes and bags. Magnificent collection of sheer became a part of every woman’s wardrobe. Best worn with neon racer backs, tubes and strappy tops, and you will never feel out of fashion. Sprinkled with colours right from deep purples to pop pinks, neon yellows and pastel greens – there were a lot of options to choose from! Paired with white pants, stilettos and a smart accessory – the look is complete!

The Little Black Dress

The most striking trend, which has never gone out of vogue, is the little black dress (LBD). Audrey Hepburn and Chanel did not spare India when they cast their spell on women across the globe with the iconic design. Even decades later, the LBD never went out of style and completed the wardrobes of some of the most glamorous women. Today, there are multiple variations of the LBD in different cuts and silhouettes, elegant classy necklines and oodles of style – perfect for a cocktail evening or party with friends. With the right textures and cuts, the LBD can evoke a variety of moods – from playful to smoulderingly sexy.

Long Dresses

Gowns are elegant yet classy. They spell out elegance, charm and beauty. Adapted from the West, especially red carpet events, long gowns are a hot favourite amongst the fashion divas. Everyone wants to check out what their favourite celeb wore at the red carpet and then it is talked about, interpreted and adapted by their fans. Long gowns have always been the first pick at majority of the Indian red carpet events and they never fail to impress the audience. The styles and gowns have certainly evolved, and every year we get to see some immaculate and spectacular designs.

Maxi dresses are also in trend and can be worn at casual evenings or brunch meetings. With multiple prints, shades of pastels, pops and even stripes, there is a wide range to choose from.

Denims & Jackets

When denims entered India, it created a huge buzz. Soon the style was adopted for casual outings and now we see a new style entering the market. It is interesting to know that they were initially worn by workers, and then became popular in American pop culture and worn by teenagers and young adults. Denim pants, jackets, waistcoats and jumpsuits are now very much a part of every woman’s wardrobe and are here to stay.
Meanwhile, waistcoats and jackets in prints from tribal to floral and adorned with embellishments can team up well with plain shirts and trousers.


Anything in lace looks modern and it brings out the elegance in every woman who wears it. Exquisite lace detailing is a perfect choice for a chic get-together with friends and family. Sheer lace summer jackets and shirts can be worn with neon racer backs or tubes, trims in pretty laces and dropped shoulder tunics.

Pencil skirts are in vogue yet again. It all started off with flair skirts, miniskirts and A-line skirts. Now we see the trend adapted even at work places. They come in coloured embellishments, intricate beadwork and embroidery. Pencil skirt, when teamed with a stylish top, is a perfect combination for the new age office goer.
While bling is in during the party season, what’s better than a cool jacket that brings back vintage with a modern twist. Sequined dresses, tops with gold and silver spell glitz and glamour. More and more women are going the bling way not only in terms of jewellery but also in terms of apparel, footwear and bags.

Chunky and punk jewellery was inspired from the world of rock music and famous rock stars from the West. Women now are wearing them with stones, beadwork and funky designs. What’ more, women today do not shy away from experimenting by yoking traditional and western designs.