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Global Womenswear Forecast S/S’14


As 2013 floats towards the year of blues and luminance, the spring of 2014 appears soothingly vibrant! The bio-illuminating enhancement is widening our thought to bring back the appreciation towards natural existence. Celestial elements with metallic, neon, candy and mirror surfaces are juxtaposing with photomontage and transparency through layered, asymmetric garments, enhancing through cutworks, lace, and crochet in child-like kaleidoscopic fun. Defused crystals and gems are balanced with geometric architectural wonders with textually expressive pop art. Among the measured chaos of
being alive, remain the mods and flappers of celebrated era recreating the magic of women’s liberalisation through fashion.

Bio Futura

An ambience of colour and perfection of nature, the dissected scientific beauty of flora, an ever-glowing underwater oasis, celestial convergence, a habitat of beauty are the direction of this trend. The cool vibration of the ocean blues is calming and beautiful, the presence of the organic greens in the palette is essential. A splash of soft aqua and a touch of smooth coral orange with powdered pink and lavender expand the possibilities for more interesting and current colour combinations. Moroccan blue entangles with the oceanic tones to define the palate. The cellular structures and ever mystic splash of exotic fl owers celebrate the biogenic mood of nature. Drooping silhouettes, fl owing garments with soft structured surface embellishments compliment the mood. The grunge look with multi-layered and gritty influence of Seattle once again finds its way.

Key Silhouettes of the Season

The layered semi-transparency remains the key element of this season. Asymmetric hemline, off-shoulder dresses, mod overcoats with structured skirts get enhanced with cutworks, fl oral laces, focus embroideries, stripes and geometric patterns. Minimal closure detailing with covered buttons and retro-inspired collars enhance the mildness of
softer silhouettes.

Pop a Talk

The most tasteful rush of adrenaline! Vivid shades of pink are complimented with neon. Overwhelming sea foam green elements to sweeten the pot represent immaculate style and purity of heart. Peach and light purple undertones of honeybunch and sweetie pie display detailed ingenuity against a backdrop of playful deliberations. The quirky graffi ti-inspired prints (often oversized) reinvented pop art inspired feline motifs. Modinspired
clothing and geeky coolness surface in this theme. The celestial flying cat depicts a playful mood from the 80s’ sci-fi era.


The Author: Forecast insights by INgene Insights Consultancy. The youth insights research lab in India catering to international clients like , Groupe Adeo, Knights & Walker, Skullcandy, , , , Futurelab, et cetera. INgene Insights has collaboration with PYMCA UK, Ruby Pseudo UK, Plan UK, Mandalah NYC, UK and so on.