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Reliance partners with Siemens to cater security solutions market

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In a recent development, Reliance Security Solutions Limited (RSSL), a subsidiary of Reliance Industries and Siemens have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly develop homeland security solutions for safe, secure and smart cities and highways in India. The Indian security market is expected to be one of the largest growing markets in the world over the next decade and this initiative will result in India joining a select set of advanced nations which are beginning to use 4G wireless networks for law enforcement purposes.

The role of surveillance and security has assumed a greater level of importance considering the fact that insurgency and terrorism has become a global phenomenon. With the traditional security platforms being inadequate to address these new challenges, there is a emerging need to move over to intelligent electronic security solutions.

With contiguous, pan-India broadband wireless access spectrum, Reliance plans to offer fourth generation (4G) wireless networking services for safety, security and other advanced applications. Reliance and Siemens will combine to leverage the 4G network for the low latency and assured quality of service (QoS) required for video and security applications.

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