US Based-NPA toughens cosmetic standards

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The Natural Product Association (NPA) has now introduced stricter guidelines for standardization. According to the new standards, all natural products must be made up of atleast 95 percent natural ingredients; non-natural ingredients will be allowed only when viable natural alternative ingredients are unavailable, and only when there will be absolutely no suspected potential human health risks involved. Recently, NPA also announced that more than 300 natural personal care products have been certified through its natural standard certification program. “The demand for natural products continues to grow even in the face of recession. Consumers are more concerned about the quality and purity of the products they use everyday. We are delighted to provide this important service to those looking for truly natural products, and to retailers and manufacturers who want to fill that need. This program has been so successful that we recently launched a similar seal for home care products”, says John Gay, Executive Director and CEO, NPA.

The Natural Product Association is the largest and the oldest non-profit organisation in the US dedicated to the natural products industry including foods, dietary supplements, health and beauty aids.

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