Home Retail Coca-Cola India expects 7 pc growth despite slowdown

    Coca-Cola India expects 7 pc growth despite slowdown


    Coca-Cola India, part of US-based Coca-Cola International, continues to stay firm with its earlier announced USD 250 million investment plans despite ongoing economic slowdown. Further, the company has been experimenting with innovative marketing strategies so that the expected 6-7 per cent growth remains stable for the year 2009, informed a top company official.

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    Flagging demand has led the company to suspend operations at five plants across India

    , president and CEO, Coca-Cola India, said, “Like other industries, slowdown has also affected us to some extent. However, we see prospective growth of our company in India in the long run and are continuing with our investment plans.”

    Speaking to IndiaRetailing about new products line up, he said, “Timing for us is very important. We are always evaluating different categories of products and as we believe is the right time, we will bring these products in the market.”

    The company recently signed cricketer eyeing the forthcoming IPL tournament. Though Singh does not want to speculate about the returns, he is very excited with the signage and said: “Let the IPL start and see what happens.”

    — Sarimul Islam Choudhury