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Jaipur global trade hub for gems on eBay India

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eBay India, one of India’s leading online marketplaces, is focusing on Jaipur as a global trade hub. The city has become the largest sourcing hub for gemstones on eBay India.

Disclosing this at a press conference, Ambareesh Murty, director, marketplace development, eBay India, said sellers from non-metro towns were increasingly selling globally.

“The trend is increasing day by day. There has been a definite increase in sellers from non-metro cities selling globally through eBay India. Sellers from cities such as Shillong, Aizawl, Bakrol, Khanna and Khamaria are successfully trading with countries across the world,” he said.

“We see growth in contribution of smaller cities to the business with 50 per cent of all global sellers on eBay India being from non-metro cities in India,” Murty added.

Jaipur has the largest base of global sellers among non-metros. From Rajasthan, eBay India has also seen global trade emerge from cities such as Jodhpur, Udaipur, Pilani, Ajmer and Bharatpur.

Buyers from over 150 countries have bought products from Indian sellers till now. An Indian seller sells an item to a global buyer every 72 seconds, Murty said.

English-speaking countries like Britain, the United States, Australia and Canada are natural markets for Indian sellers due to ease of communication. Enterprising Indian sellers have also made inroads into European markets such as Germany, France and Italy.

Jewellery is the largest contributor to global trade from India, Murty added. Indian sellers are seeing tremendous success with products such as jewellery, apparel, collectibles and furnishings, and Jaipur is one of the largest sourcing hubs for gemstones.

It is claimed that eBay India sellers sell an article of clothing or accessory globally every six minutes, while nine pieces of jewellery are sold every hour. A home furnishing item sells every 10 minutes, while a coin or a stamp sells every 15 minutes.

An emerging trend is high demand from the United States and Britain for carpets, handicrafts and apparel.

– Bangalore Bureau

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