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Verizon Business launches ISR technology to facilitate retail network

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Companies with retail stores, branch offices or other remote locations will be able to easily and cost-effectively upgrade the company networks serving those locations, using a variety of new mix-and-match service options from Verizon Business.

The newly expanded managed service offerings, which include local area networking and security and content management, operate on the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR). This solution minimises the space required for network equipment and reduces the need for costly on-site support staff.

The Cisco ISR is located at the customer premises and is suitable for the retail, restaurant, hospitality and insurance industries. Verizon Business has deployed more than 55,000 Cisco ISRs since the platform’s introduction nearly two years ago and now manages more than 13,000 of the devices.

“Many of us have encountered increasingly outmoded technology, such as use of dial-up connections, in the retail environment, which can detract from the customer experience,” said Nancy Gofus, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Verizon Business. “The newly expanded managed service capabilities build on our WAN management expertise and enable organisations with widespread locations to leverage the power of modern and secure IP networking, and in so doing, improve their own customer service.”

The Cisco ISR provides customers with a roadmap for modernising far-flung locations. For example, in a retail setting, the service enables retailers to replace their dial-up access with a secure, high-speed data connection, accelerating transaction times and enhancing security for credit-card transactions.

In addition, stores can replace batch processing with real-time data sharing, providing the home office with current inventory levels and financial information. Security features, such as firewalls and intrusion prevention services, can also help retailers meet information security requirements. The service permits future applications such as in-store kiosks that enable self-service capabilities.

As globalisation continues to accelerate, the importance of branch locations is reaching new heights. According to Internet Research Group, a research and consulting firm, branches consume up to 70 per cent of enterprise IT resources.

Verizon Business, a unit of Verizon Communications, is a provider of advanced communications and information technology solutions to large business and government customers worldwide. The company has 321 offices in 75 countries across six continents.

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