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Networked retail shops — a new concept

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Looking at the great advertising opportunity in screens that are popping up everywhere, League One Marketing Services is readying to set up 5,000 networked retail outlets with video display and in-shop placement facilities across the country by the end of this year.

“The marketing concept is already a hit in China with over two million display screens. The company has primarily started its visibility in the areas of telecom, lifestyle, pharmaceuticals, modern department stores and selected retail chains of outlets based on industry verticals,” said Rajeev Gupta, managing director, League One Marketing Services.

The company has already launched 250 such outlets in the last month in Delhi and NCR, adding to its 500 retail outlets in neighbouring cities like Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.

To cash in on multiplying retail revenues, marketing agencies are coming forward with innovative technologies and ideas. The digital display screens are one such tool that will change the face of traditional retail outlets.

League One, for its campaign, is targeting localised department stores, telecom outlets, pharmaceutical and lifestyle outlets, and IT outlets in over 34 cities.

“At point-of-sale every product will get a display slot of one minute with special in-store promotion of the product, virtual product and facilities. The concept will also consist of volume discounts for retailers and special schemes like loyalty cards and discount coupons,” said Gupta.

The services provided by League One will include Managed Digital Display – i.e., 10-12 hours of display time per terminal, and display slots in multiples of one minute with specific time zones for training videos meant for field force and in-store resource training.

Scala Solutions Inc., USA, one of the world’s largest visibility solutions providers, is League One’s technology partner.

League One also provides solutions for advertisement campaigns, media planning, marketing plans and BTL. The leveraged marketing services provided by the company include volume discounts for retailers and consumers from brands, launching special schemes like loyalty cards, and introducing consumer aids for enhancing consumer education.

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