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New POS software by Rancelab for retail business

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Navin Ladha of Rance Computer Pvt. Ltd. today launched FusionRetail, a point of sale (POS) software for the retail store owners. He claimed that this software will provide easy operation with extensive MIS reporting for owners of single as well as 100s of stores, anywhere in India.

“FusionRetail is very easy to operate and you can train a new cashier in 10 minutes”, reported Navin. “We have implemented FusionRetail in a 1500 sq. feet grocery store with 5500 SKU in just 4 days”, he added.

The retail stores generally stock a large number of items from different brands and with minor variations like colour and sizes and face a big challenge in maintaining accurate inventory while retaining the speed of checkout at the counters. The POS software has to be very flexible to allow the cashier to serve the customers in super-fast time, which is so vital for customer satisfaction.

“We have developed the software with particular focus on quick implementation (of the software), quick training (of the operators) and quick checkout (at the counters)” claimed Navin Ladha. “We use barcode technology for fast billing and accurate inventory control. The extensive MIS reports help the store-owner in planning the inventory to reduce the total stock without suffering stock-outs.”

FusionRetail is ideal for garments stores, grocery shops, shoe stores, liquor shops, music stores, boutiques, department stores and super stores. They have a special version called FusionRetail F&B for fine dining restaurants, food courts, fast food joints, discos, lounges and night clubs.

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