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Laabh Jewellers rolls out 30 stores across India

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Rajesh Exports Limited (REL) is the world’s largest manufacturer of gold jewellery with annual sales exceeding Rs 6,000 Crores. REL has now decided launch its own retail stores across India. The stores are being launched under the brand name of “LAABH JEWELLERS”, which would carry Indian jewellery of the highest design consistency, absolute guarantee in terms of gold purity and at a fair and an affordable price. REL has developed an exclusive range of 3,000 individual jewellery designs, with a balance of national and regional appeal.

India is the largest consumer of gold in the world and the world’s biggest gold jewellery market. In spite of being the largest gold jewellery market in the world the Indian gold jewellery market is still dictated by the un-organised sector, due to which the consumer has always been at the receiving end in terms of purity of gold, consistency in designs and fair pricing.

REL guarantees the highest international standards of gold purity for the gold jewellery sold at “LAABH” stores. This absolutely guaranteed range is available to consumers across the country at highly affordable prices, due to the scales of production and exceptionally strong backward integration strengths of REL.

With this initiative REL is the only company in the world, with offerings in gold jewellery spanning from the gold mines to the end consumer. REL brings to the Indian consumer gold from the finest mines across the world; this gold is refined and processed at the state of the art, and world class jewellery manufacturing facility of REL.

Before embarking on retailing REL conducted a detailed survey with regard to the consumer preferences and concerns across the country. Based on the survey results, REL designed a range of 3000 items with the finest designers of the country. The R&D team of REL has done minute research and developed fittings and findings which ensure comfortable and long lasting fit of the jewellery. Emphasis has been placed by the R&D team on developing the finest finish with unique features. It would be reasonable to conclude that the entire range of 3000 products has been developed after detailed survey and with the involvement of the world’s finest jewellery manufacturing infrastructure and the most experienced team of people in the business.

LAABH is today unveiling its national presence in 23 cities across India from Srinagar in the north to Cochin in the south, from Jamnagar in the west to Guwahati in the east. It is India’s single largest simultaneous launch of jewellery stores across the country.

The company has started 30 exclusive jewellery stores in 23 cities across the country. Initially only medium size stores with the best jewellery selection have been launched with similar identity across the country.

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