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PayMate India, a mobile commerce solutions company, is now focusing on major Indian retailers including large chains and stand-alone stores to supply its online transaction solutions. Paymate is a Mumbai based wireless transactions platform provider, and a spinoff from Coruscant Tec, a sister concern with a focus on wireless content. Paymate has created a viable ecosystem to enable wireless transactions connecting banks, switches, merchants and customers using a simple, secure and seamless technology.

The PayMate solution will offer transaction interface options depending upon the facilities available at the point of sale. These include an internet browser, mobile handset, landline phone or a PayMate EDC machine. Irrespective of interface, the merchant will have real-time access to the transaction log and reports at any given time.

Among retailers scheduled to install the PayMate solutions in the near future include Pantaloon Retail’s Future Bazaar, CRS Health and Planet M.
The company has introduced a voice- based module to address the customized requirements of the retail industry. At present, only online payments were being driven by the SMS platform.

Besides implementing PayMate online, Future Bazaar will also use PayMate to facilitate a ‘SMS-to-buy’ platform. This will facilitate customers to order a product just by sending a SMS.

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