Chairman & CEO Pepsico, D Shivakumar lists the big disruptions in retail

Chairman & CEO Pepsico, D Shivakumar lists the big disruptions in retail


What are the influencers and cataclysmic trend-setters that are going to fundamentally change the way retailers go about their businesses in the future? Chairman & CEO, Pepsico India Holdings, D Shivakumar, lists out the biggest disruptors in the retail world


33 Retail Reality Check in India


•Category Mix: food and grocery is still the largest segment with 60 percent market share, pharmacy and consumer electronics are the smallest with 3 percent share each

• In India’s FMCG sector, rural growth is higher than urban growth.

• The country has 9.6 million retail outlets, of which 6 million are in the rural area.

• Modern trade growth is improving with the entry of a lot of private labels.

• Private label growth is higher in many food categories.

3. Retail Reality Check in India

22 Changes That Are Bound To Take Place in Retail In 5 Years


• Definition of shop, shopping will change. In the next 5 years shops will come to us.

• Big changes in four areas: consumer, technology, time, mix of channels.

• Specification of consumers: millennials, from nuclear families, shop little more often, eco-conscious consumers, and time starved.

• Millennial consumers will have many, many channels to talk about.

• Technology will be the new best friend of the consumers; we will be a digital society.

• E-retail is expected to reach $ 18 billion in 2018.

2. Changes That Are Boun...

11 Key Things to Think About


• Retail industry needs new paradigm of value creation.

• Consumer is changing dramatically, so retail has to change fundamentally.

• Distraction of attraction will happen in the e-commerce world.

• Luxury retail will be far more accessible with the help of technology.

1. Key Things to Think About