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Praveen Shrikhande

Post COVID-19 Retail World: Transform Your Business Model or Perish

Crises like the current pandemic shake 100s of 1000s of small and big businesses that otherwise seem to be doing fine. Most are fighting it real hard to get into some delivery mode and simultaneously exploring future business models...

Phygital Retail Convention: Transform Your Business Model in Post-COVID World or Perish

COVID-19 took the entire retail industry by surprise and brought it to standstill worldwide. As a result, most brands /retailers are fighting it real hard to get into some sort of a delivery mode while simultaneously exploring future business...

Phygital Retail Convention: Post-COVID Transformation of the Traditional Retail Model

Post COVID-19, going phygital is no longer an option for e-majors, brands and retailers. But is going online the cure for all? Retailers need much deeper intelligence on effective digital adoption to preserve the heart and soul of physical...
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Taneira by House of Tata partners with Goonj

The collaboration supports Taneira’s new initiative, 'Exchange, Elevate and Empower’, which invites customers to donate their sarees for rural...
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