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Engagely.ai launches voice AI cloud to empower contact centres


Engagley.ai, a customer engagement automation platform, has launched the AI-powered contact centre automation platform on the cloud to deliver personalised and humanised customer experience. A truly omnichannel platform, Engagely.ai automates engagement across all modern enterprise channels like voice, WhatsApp, email, website, App and social media. Engagely.ai caters to the end-to-end customer engagement needs of an enterprise to deliver a unified and personalised customer experience. 

Engagely.ai’s voice AI cloud presents the next frontier to businesses to streamline contact centre operations by automating customer interactions. It improves customer experience, drives higher revenues and reduces costs significantly. The voice bot is instrumental in helping businesses establish a solid platform for providing highly automated customer support and engagement for contact centres. In this age of hyper-digitalisation, Engagely’s IVA serves as a precise contact point between the brands and the customers with better efficiency and zero waiting time.

“Engagely allows a complete customer engagement automation for high quality results with reduced time, human efforts and operational costs. Engagely simplifies automation of contact centres by managing all the high-volume calls on its own cloud wherein the businesses will not have to spend resources to set up and manage expensive infrastructure. With automation, each task gets performed identically without human errors that results in elevated quality of customer interactions. And the good news is that Engagely’s cloud is available to businesses to subscribe and go-live in a matter of minutes rather than months,” said Rohit Mathur, Founder and CEO, Engagley.ai.