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Keeping with the trend in kids apparel & accessories segment – Spring Summer 2021


ShikThe kids’ apparel and accessories industry is indeed a rapidly growing market in India. With the changing times, there is a shift in preferences and parents now desire to have innovations, trends yet comfort while shopping for their kid’s clothing and accessories. Over the past few years, parents have shown a growing preference towards branded apparel over local shopping and wish to have a variety for their kids at an affordable pricing.

An appealing variety is something that attracts not only the parents but the kids as well. Passé are the days when fashion was only restricted to adults. In the present times, being in vogue is as critical for the kids as it is for the grown-ups.

While the market is flooded with both brands and start-up ventures in the kids’ apparel and accessories segment, here we share with you some of the top trends that will rule the market in Spring Summer 2021

Green & Earthy Tones

Fashionable colours, natural tones including green and earthy hues are in trend in 2021. In an attempt to look mature and be adult-like, both parents and kids will opt for bright popping shades of pink, green, coral, yellow and red along with oversized clothing in terms of wide armholes, layered apparel, and geometric cuts.

Pastel shades in combination with bright and popping hues will also be increasingly preferred by the parents.

Unisex & Genderless Colours

Gone are the days when pink was associated with girls and blue colour was linked with boys. In the present modern times, colour segregation has been eliminated and we live in a genderless colour era.

The fashion industry is making concerted efforts to achieve this aim of introducing and imbibing the culture of unisex fashion that will facilitate the same trends suitable for both gender kids. This will be majorly visible in the kids’ apparel industry in spring-summer 2021.

This is also the reason why earthy and pastel tones will be preferred as they are considered apt for kids of both genders and for all age groups.


Possessing an identical set of clothing is one of the most anticipated trends this year for kids’ wear. Family members on the whole are inclined towards dressing up in the same or similar clothing and this will be the new fad.

The ‘family look’ will cheer up the kids and extend a sense of belonging and togetherness. Such a trend will also help inculcate the emotion of family bonding amongst the kids.

Natural Textiles

When it comes to children, both designers and parents wish to have natural clothing that is soft owing to the sensitivity of the children’s skin. They opt for fabrics that are airy, light, sturdy, easy to handle, and are stretchable so that they do not restrict the kids’ movements. Hence, natural, environmentally friendly, and sustainable fabrics like cotton, jute, will rule the spring-summer 2021 trend in the kidswear category.

Prints & Patterns

Prints and patterns will rule the kids’ apparel industry in 2021. Layers, geometric cuts, asymmetry, and pleated patterns will be increasingly preferred along with stripes, checks, floral, abstract, geometric, artsy, and cartoonist prints. This will provide the requisite funky, vibrant and childish appearance to the kids.

Personalized & Comfortable Wear

Owing to the continuation of online classes, the work from home and stay at home segment have created a niche for themselves in the fashion industry.

Comfort will be the topmost priority and due to this personalized clothing will be in trend. Hence, typographic prints, as well as beach and playwear including colour blocks, low shoulders, and clothes with a lot of pockets will be preferred by the modern generation parents.

Additionally, sustainable dyed clothing, neutral tones, and pastel hues in sportswear along with metallic colours, neon details, sequins, and velvety fabric will also be a must-have in the kids’ wardrobe.

Kids’ Accessories

Fashion for kids is not limited to clothing but also extends to footwear and accessories as well. Styling the kids with minimalist yet voguish pieces is another trend that will be visible in spring-summer 2021. Parents will prefer designer bags, glasses, belts, shoes, hats, etc. to further enhance the fashion quotient of their kids. This is an important agenda for them so as to extend their kids a unique style statement.

Summing Up

Every parent desires his/her child to be a fashionista and keep up with the trends in the fashion industry. They aim to provide a diverse variety of clothing and accessories to pamper their kids. The notable fact is that this trend is no longer restricted to any particular section of parents and is infact a global trend.

Parents prefer variety in designs, colours, and natural fabrics and hence, the fashion industry players are striving to meet the increasing and changing preferences of the consumers. With the ever-evolving parent preferences along with the rapidly changing fashion scenario, the kids’ apparel and accessories markets focus on product innovations. This is the reason why they come up with trendy designs- to satiate the parents’ cravings for adorning their kids in a fashion influencer avatar.