Home Retail COVID-19 Impact: DailyObjects introduces innovative products to stay relevant

    COVID-19 Impact: DailyObjects introduces innovative products to stay relevant


    , a contemporary, homegrown online lifestyle brand, has converted pandemic into an opportunity. The brand re-imagined and introduced products driven by consumer sentiments.

    COVID-19 Impact: DailyObjects introduces innovative products to stay relevant

    Elaborating on the same, , Founder & CEO, DailyObjects.com said, “We established two new categories – ‘Daily Protection’ which includes products like designer masks, UV steriliser and wield for gadgets and accessories and‘Home Supplies’ as work from home has become the new normal.

    Steered by proactive minds, Daily objects has recorded a noteworthy growth during the post-COVID period quarter i.e. 28 percent (1.3 X) growth in revenue and 264 percent growth (3.6 X) in terms of EBIDTA positive, as compared to the pre-COVID quarter.

    “We are the first company to launch UV-C product in India and with CSIR certification. We have been the second best brand in bags category on Nykaa and have also been on Top 5 innovation company by Amazon India,” added Garg.

    The brand, that targets youth and urban population, has observed two changes in the consumer behaviour:
    – Consumers are looking for products related to protection/ safety from COVID
    – Lockdown forced consumers to shop online

    “Consumers have definitely changed their perception towards purchasing, as to what it was before the pandemic kicked in. As a result they became extremely cautious about leaving their premises. COVID-19 changed the game faster than what one could have fancied. Almost overnight, hardwired mall shoppers were pushed into the online side of business. In order to safe keep both the consumer and our staff, we have made our entire range available online while providing a no contact delivery,” stated Garg.

    This pandemic forced every business to become a technology-based business by selling online. And Daily Objects being an online brand took advantage of the situation.

    “Technology has played a leading role to help the brand endure through the pandemic. Digital display of our entire catalogue for online shopping has been a major boost to our brand. On the flip-side cash was considered an easy carrier of the virus, so contact-less digital payments, either in the form of cards or e-wallets are recommended payment methods and the delivery is also made contact less as the order is prepaid and the rider can just leave the package at your doorstep. Zero contact all due to technology. Remote working is also a part where technology helped Daily Objects to evolve as virtual meetings were key, cloud technology for information storage and online transfer is what made it possible to work towards our goal through the pandemic,” said Garg.

    DailyObjects is considering collaborations with established offline brands who do have a major offline presence but lack on the digital front.

    DailyObjects has registered 10X returns by generating total revenue of Rs 120 cr+. Till now, the brand has raised Rs 12 crore.