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Lockdown 4.0: EsselWorld interacts with customers by organising EsselWorld Virtual FunRun Marathon


As we all are under the 4th phase of , is ensuring to keep the spirits high of Mumbaikars. It hosted ‘ Virtual FunRun’ on May 24, 2020 in association with You Too Can Run where more than 500 participants ran their respective marathons indoor. Along with the fitness ambassadors, Kranti Salvi, Girish Bindra and K Haridasan Nair there were other fitness enthusiasts also who participated in the run.

Lockdown 4.0: EsselWorld interacts with customers by organising EsselWorld Virtual FunRun Marathon

Amarjeet Singh Chawla, a 60 plus blind athlete ran 10 kms marathon, while 2 twin kids from Bangalore too participated in the Kids Obstacle Run.

Other fitness enthusiast and influencers such as Bijender Vats, Sanjay Dalia, Seema Ramkrishnan, Vivek Soni, Shital Gala, Balwinder Arora, Harpal Singh, Gunjan Raina, Vandana Tandon and Vikas Sharma too participated in the Virtual FunRun Marathon.

The platform began with its registrations on May 11 with a registration fee of Rs 95 on the www.youtoocanrun.com link. Part of the amount was donated to NGOs that are working towards the daily meals for the underprivileged. The runner was required to run within his or her house or in the compound anytime between 12 am, May 24, 2020 to 12 am May 25, 2020 observing the lockdown regulations of the local government. The activity was to be captured on an exercise app on mobile phones or on a wrist device and submit the same using the verification link that was received at the time of registration. The backend team at EsselWorld is now in the process of verifying the details shared by each participant post which they will be sending the certificates of participation and the discount coupon spot prizes.

The Kids Obstacle Run on the other hand was very much fun! Parents had to create a 500 mtrs obstacle race within the house itself which had to be innovative. There was a minimum of 2 ‘unders’ and 2 ‘overs’ in the obstacle required, for example ‘under the chair’ or ‘under the sofa’ and ‘over the bed’ or ‘over the stool’, etc. There were about 50 plus children who participated in the event and an amazing response was witnessed where parents put in a lot of efforts and made the run thrilling and fun for the kids. The entire activity was to be captured on a video and was to be posted on the parent’s social media handles tagging @esselworldofficial along with hashtags #EsselworldVirtualFunRun #YouTooCanRun and #LivFit and also update the link of the uploaded video on the verification link provided in the confirmation email. The child was required to complete atleast 3 loops. The EsselWorld Team is now verifying the videos and other details post which they will send the certificates of the participation and the discount coupon spot prizes.

20 winners in each category (5 Kms, 10 kms and Kids Obstacle Race) will win couple passes each and each of these passes will have validity until March 31, 2021. The prizes will be declared and distributed on June 01 based on a lucky draw from the entries received from participants who have successfully completed the event. Coupons with 25 percent discount will be given to all participants who have submitted the links as per the rules of the event.

“We are glad to have hosted a successful event on May 24, 2020 where we had more than 500 people participating in our Virtual Run. We appreciate the support of every marathoner, runner, fitness enthusiasts and even beginners for making this initiative by EsselWorld a success and also exemplify motivation for others in the lockdown period. We wish all the very best to all the contestants and keep their fitness spirits high,” said , Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, EsselWorld Leisure Pvt. Ltd.