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Personalise your customer experience & increase profits with FusionRetail


With the increased availability of e-commerce platforms, the task of physical store owners has become very challenging in terms of creating a personalised experience for customers.

Shoppers today are always looking for something extra, some unique experiences that delight and make them feel special and the one factor which sets a store apart from others is the service that it provides its customers. And customers value the personal experience that they get at these stores. That’s why, despite the ever-increasing hype around online shopping platforms, the importance of physical stores cannot be undermined in the least.

The best way to establish superior customer service is to incorporate innovative technologies in the business model that would support a brand / retailer’s growth and assist them in enhancing shopping experience.

RanceLab® FusionRetail is a pioneer in providing world-class technology to the retail sector. Since 1996, it has been assisting business owners and retailers with its advanced tools and innovative modules that facilitate smooth business transactions, easy operations and gives better insights into a business that creates faster and higher profi ts for the business.

FusionRetail gives detailed information about each and every customer visiting the store, along with their buying history, detailed profiles, their buying patterns etc. that assist in formulating better strategies and facilitates better marketing decisions that help the store heads or salesperson in personalizing their sales pitch accordingly and giving these customers exactly what they are looking for, thereby keeping their preferences in check.

According to a study, more than 80 percent of consumers prefer to shop from a company that off er convenient and personalised experiences. A well-treated customer always cherishes the brand and stays loyal to it. The loyalty points-based referrals programs ensure that the existing customers bring in more business to the company at the same time reap out some share of its benefits for themselves.

Interactive engagement is also always acknowledged by a customer and creates goodwill for the brand where the product becomes secondary to the overall shopping experience that they have received and instead, experience pulls them towards the brand.

FusionRetail helps retailers in staying connected to their customers through the effective use of loyalty programs. It automatically sends messages and SMS on birthdays and anniversaries. It also sends SMSes for promotion, new arrivals, store launches and season’s greetings which help in driving constant and precise communication that facilitates repeated visits of these customers to their favorite stores.

Adopting retail POS software for the retail system is the first step and the path of retailers for creating better customer experience and meeting evolving customer expectations. Discounts and sales may increase sales in the short term, but they will also decrease the profits in the long term. Creating an exclusive shopping experience will create brand loyalty which will always keep the profits high.

RanceLab assists the retail business in their growth by making them early profits, reach break-even stage faster and open new stores quicker. This is done by implementing end-to-end FusionRetailsoftware that offers POS billing, inventory management, customer loyalty program, supply chain management, financial accounting, payroll, store analytics and chain outlet management.