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Jagrati Shringi, CMO and CTO, Voylla


, is the co-founding CTO and CMO who brings elegance and grit to the fledgling brand. An NIT – Bhopal alumnus, she graduated from the University of Pittsburg and has 12 years of Tech experience, eight of which are in the fiercely competitive US market. A multi-tasker, she sailed through her PhD programme while working full time in a challenging profession.

She fights the gender stereotypes and heads the Tech Team at . She takes decisions based on the analytics and makes the decisions like a true entrepreneur. After 2 baby boys, she considers as her third baby. She works towards building the business and taking it higher by her passion and courage to take risks. She aspires to build a durable brand which will stand for value, quality and irresistible choices. She aims to change the way people shop for fashion jewelry and give them a product that makes shopping easier.

She loves to read in her leisure time and fetch for more knowledge. Meditation too calms her down and helps her perform better.