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Holisol Logistics: A tech enabled end-to-end supply chain solution provider

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Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar
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With years of experience in the industry, the brand realised that there was a need for an organisation that understands customer’s business and ‘designs solutions’ which fit their requirements, takes responsibility to implement them and then manages them on a day-to-day basis while improving on them continuously.

“The biggest value add has been to let our customers focus on sourcing and selling, leaving all else in-between to us. With our experience, expertise, network and technology, we offer our customers multi-location choice to keep inventory closer to the market, provide seamless operations and complete visibility of their products.

Holisol in partnership with Cogneau Systems has also developed an AI-powered supply chain analytics application VERDIS (Virtual Data ScientistTM),which not only gives end-to-end visibility of the supply chain but also generates descriptive, diagnostic and predictive insights for discovering opportunities in the business. Verdis, an exclusive product of Holisol has the capabilities to help organisations balance between the twin challenges of responsiveness and efficiency by bringing in higher visibility, predictability and control over their key performance parameters. This is a game-changing product for the companies looking to transform their supply chains,” says Rahul S Dogar, Managing Director, Holisol Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Services Offered
Holisol is a technology-enabled, end-to-end supply chain solutions provider.

The services offered include:
> Multi-channel fulfillment including first mile, warehousing and last mile fulfillment, reverse pick-up through their network, strategically located pan India to enable faster fulfillment.
> Technology and Consulting solutions to the customers who continue to manage logistics on their own but need assistance with processes and technology.
> Integrated & sustainable packaging solutions for the automotive, auto-components, agriculture and engineering segment


Holisol is very much focused on Fashion & Lifestyle, Direct Selling & Automotive verticals, servicing some of the best brands in the country. “With the capability to manage the complexity of multi-channel processes under the single roof, we provide a winning proposition to our fashion and lifestyle customers. With our network of 25 Fulfillment Centres, +45 state-of-art Pick-up-Centres and 29 Delivery Centres present in 68 cities we offer access to 70 percent of the consumption market to our customers,” says Dogar.


One of the core values of Holisol is knowledge and innovation. The brandhas been building new solutions to enable customers’ success through process engineering and technology innovations. Holisol builds themes such as multi-channel-location fulfillment, on-demand fulfillment, paper-less pick and pack, responsive analytics and digitalisation. These are driven to improve customers’ sales throughput making a significant impact on their growth through supply chain innovations. The next big initiative is to assist the customers to become ‘Omnichannel ready’.

Supply Chain Management & Technology

“Technology adoption has become imperative for the customer to be able to manage the supply chain complexities arising out of new trends in the market. With Omnichoices available to consumers, SKU proliferation and multiple sourcing options, product pipeline visibility and ability to respond to the changing market conditions becomes impossible without the use of technology in the supply chain. The companies in India have recognised this need and are now quickly adapting to the technology for managing front-end and back end complexities. The competitive edge of the future will come from the use of technology whether on the demand side or supply side, and this sight is not lost from many companies working on building sustainable business models in retail whether online or offline or hybrid,” explains Dogar.

“Right from multi-channel WMS, TMS, DMS and Holiscope which track last mile delivery, Holisol enables the complete visibility and end-to-end management of customers’ supply chain. All the products operate on a standalone basis; integrate with each other or with customers’ ERP or any other systems for a seamless experience across the supply chain. These products become exponentially useful with AI powered analytics system, which can integrate with all these and all of the customers’system to provide end-to-end visibility, opportunity insights and alert-based actions to make the supply chain more effective and responsive,” he added further.

Omnichannel Retail & Supply Chain Management

Customers today are not only looking for the perfect product that suits their need, but they are also demanding a seamless affair in getting that product which is a huge challenge for the retailers.

“The logistics industry needs to align their preparation with the evolving buying concepts in retail such as buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPS) and buy-in-store-ship-direct (BSSD). Speed, quality of service and ease of purchase will drive the loyalty of the customer and this can be enabled by creating/optimising the existing network combined with technology. As the customers become ready to go Omnichannel, the demands on a logistics service provider will grow to create a logistics support system which can support customers’agenda. The future of logistics companies depends on their thoughts and preparations on being Omnichannel ready,” says Dogar.

What India Lacks Effective Supply

Chain Management & Logistics The challenge in India is that logistics has developed over the years in silos. Most of the customers and logistics companies have had a component view of supply chain and logistics management. Hence one integrated view to optimise the whole supply chain has been lacking.

“Supply chain is a balance of cost and service, and the success of it lies in being able to find the right balance. The balance can only be attained by building a holistic view of the supply chain. and driving it through that view. The component view might have saved costs by having driven sub-optimal results overall. This needs to change for the entire eco-system, ” says Dogar.

Online and Offline Retail Formats Comparison

It is true that online players have been more receptive and adaptive to technology in supply chain management. It is driven by the nature of online retail which demands very high speed and accuracy in their back-end operations. Offline retail, on the other hand, works traditionally with more relaxations built into their operations and expectations on supply chain performance.

“However, that has changed ever since online retail came into being. Facing intense competition and challenge from their online peers, offline retailers began to change and started adopting the same practices as online players. Their whole approach towards the use of technology has changed and they are fast adapting to the new ways of doing things,” concludes Dogar.

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