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Foodhall opens its biggest store in Mumbai


Future Group’s premium lifestyle and food superstore, Foodhall, has launched its sprawling second outlet in Mumbai spread across 25,000 sq. ft. and it enjoys the privilege of being the largest yet in the country.

Foodhall launches its largest store in Mumbai
The new outlet is designed to offer exclusive concepts and an unmatched experience through its four levels each offering novelty from across the globe

The new outlet is designed to offer exclusive concepts and an unmatched experience through its four levels each offering novelty from across the globe.

With the new superstore, Foodhall aims to be India’s answer to the likes of globally renowned stores in cities like London, LA and Dubai with only one main aim which is to make all its urban well-travelled patrons romanticize the idea and ingredients of a dish than just enjoy the final result.

Keeping this in mind the experience starts at the Lower Level that houses Café by Foodhall, the Cake Shop, the Meat Market, the World of Cheese, Antipasti; Oliveology, ARQA, World of Nuts, the Blue Ribbon Gift Shop and the Chocolate Library, the Cheese Cellar and the Wine Cellar.

The Ground Level delivers with The Bakery, the Juice Bar, the Farmer’s Market and The Fresh Garden.

Level One has The House of Tea Salon, The Pantry, Freezer, YOKU MOKU and the La Folie Lab, the Coffee Roastery and the Coffee Lab and Xocolatl 57 while the Second Level has Foodhall’s first restaurant ‘Sorrentina by Foodhall’ and the ‘Foodhall Cookery Studio’.

At the Lower Level Cafe by Foodhall, a 60 seater chic space with an eclectic curation of dishes made with the finest hand-picked ingredients including salads, sandwiches, meal bowls, waffles, churros, pancakes, sushi, tempura, donburi and much more with a special focus on artisanal coffees at The Coffee Bar. The Cheese Cellar is dedicated to over 100 varieties of cheese spanning 20 countries with experts helping you assemble cheese and antipasti platters paired with wines and charcuterie for your parties. Oliveology, an exclusive selection of artisanal oils from reputed producers across Italy, from Liguria, Puglia, Tuscany, Umbria, Calabria and Sicily and a select range of antipasti such as olives, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, gherkins and more to complement the oils. The Nut Roaster which is a live station for panning, roasting, and caramelizing local and imported nuts. The Meat market stocking everything from cold cuts and varieties of eggs to include exotic meats such as whole peking duck prepped and cut in-store, Japanese quails, farm rabbits, and guinea fowl. As a nod to health trends, the market also has Kadaknath chicken, a rare, locally-bred bird prized for its protein content and flavor as well as lobsters, shrimps, basa, tilapia and crabs. ARQA offers spices sourced from their country of origin that are organic and stone-ground and the option to personalize blends and have them stone-ground and The Wine Cellar stocking globally renowned wines.

The Ground Level finds the cultivation of Mumbai city’s first Hydroponic Wall at The Fresh Garden at the Farmer’s Market cultivated to improve and elevate the quality of salads and a market with the freshest produce of fruits and vegetables. The goal with the Farmer’s Market, the fresh fruits and vegetables section, was to mimic a farm. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil using only water, boosted with plant nutrients. A fairly new method, it yields a robust and flavourful harvest of lettuce and other leafy salad greens rich in nutrients as they have been cultivated in a meticulously monitored environment. Moving further you could shop from a comprehensive list of fresh and artisanal breads from sourdough to ciabatta and from a variety of healthy alternatives like quinoa bread and keto-friendly loaves made with alternative grains at The Bakery and have the healthy juices and smoothies curated by Sequel at The Juice Bar.

Level One at Foodhall, Linking Road brings to you a one of its kind traditional British High Tea Ceremony with a menu of over 40 loose leaf teas to choose from and also a tea tailor experience where patrons create their own infusions at The House of Tea Salon. The Coffee Lab presents an opportunity to taste different variants while you roast top quality coffee beans. Craft your own chocolate bark at Xocolatl’ 57 which offers hand-picked range of pure and distinct, single origin chocolates scoured from the world’s best producers from Ghana and Madagascar to Saint Dominique and Venezuela. Also savour delicious cookies and desserts from Japan’s distinguished confectionary brand ‘Yoku Moku’ and India’s ‘La Folie’.

The Second Level consists of Foodhall’s first platform for cooking enthusiasts – The Foodhall Cookery Studio and its first Italian restaurant called ‘Sorrentina’. The Foodhall Cookery Studio is a one-of-its kind experiential kitchen that brings culinary experts together to offer interactive cooking classes and certification courses. Foodhall has associated with prestigious culinary institutions like Lavonne (Bengaluuru), SoHo Wine Academy and The Health Awareness Centre (THAC) to provide their accredited programmes at the venue which span three to five days. Cooking aficionados can look forward to excel in courses that deliver on Baking, Wine Ambassador Certification Course, cuisine specific classes, Diet Cooking, Food Styling, Food Photography and so much more. A variety of pop-ups and Chef’s tasting events will also be a part of it.

‘Sorrentina by Foodhall’, derived its name from Sorrento region is about all things Italy. ‘Sorrento’, a picturesque coastal town in the South West of Italy is known for conventional Italian dishes. Sorrentino brings to the table modern Italian albeit rooted in tradition. The menu is extremely ingredient centrictaking inspiration from the different regions with each dish relaying a story behind its origin. Handmade Pasta and Pizza, Affogato, Antipasti, Gelato and Traditional Tiramisu are just some signature dishes, with the Sorrentino touch.

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Avni Biyani, Concept Head, Foodhall says, “It’s our privilege to live in a world obsessed with and unified by food. Establishing in 2011 in Mumbai was our attempt at being part of the food dialogue that has become integral to contemporary culture. We were passionate about food and believed that everyone deserved access to good produce and quality ingredients. It was a simple premise that gave birth to Foodhall, but just as food has evolved from being a necessity to a global phenomenon, so has our commitment to food. What started as a single, ingredients-driven store is now a store chain with branches in Bangalore and Delhi.”