Sweden-based organic coffee chain Wheelys arrives in India

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Sweden-based Wheelys, a first of its kind ‘Cafe on wheels’, is making its foray into India with its first organic coffee chain here.
“Wheelys is based on the idea that we have to be absolutely different from other chains in every way possible. For example, the coffee chains already present offer chemically treated food products whereas we offer organic coffee,” Founder Evan Luthra told IANS.
The brand is launching its first outlet at DLF Mall of India in October.
“We are quite excited about our expansion. We are launching in five locations this month and plan to open five more every month. Our goal is to have 100 locations running before the end of 2018. Its about providing a healthier option to our consumers instead of just burgers and fries,” he said.
“All our coffee and drinks are 100 per cent organic. I personally like the waffles with different flavours and waffle infused shakes. We keep introducing new products. Recently we added homemade cookies and cold pressed fruit juices. Even the local delicacies are being introduced in healthier avatar like wheat momos and baked goods instead of fried,” he said.
The idea of Wheelys originated in Sweden where the founding team designed the cart and started business right in front of Starbucks as a challenge.
“I believe the success mantra of Wheelys is the product range and low cost of franchise because of which Wheelys has expanded in over 40 countries in just two years,” he said.

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