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Reasons why a vegetable cleaner is not a fad


When you decide to go on a health mission, what is the first thing that you do? You reduce consumption of sugar, cut down junk food from your life and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. However, if we were to tell you that the fresh fruits and veggies you are consuming to stay healthy are putting you at grave health risks, you are obviously going to wonder, how?

Reasons why a vegetable cleaner is not a fad
The percentage of pesticides in raw produce increased from 1.2 per cent in 2008-09 to 2.6 per cent in 2014-15

According to data released by the agriculture ministry a few years ago, nearly 18.7 per cent of samples of fresh vegetables, fruits and other food item has residue of pesticides. In addition to that, nearly 12.5 per cent of the samples had traces of pesticides that are not approved by the government. Therefore, if you thought that vegetable purifier is a fad, you need to think again!

The percentage of pesticides in raw produce increased from 1.2 per cent in 2008-09 to 2.6 per cent in 2014-15 (Data from agriculture ministry)

This is a very alarming news as when we buy raw produce from our local vegetable vendors, there is no way to find out whether the fruits and vegetables we are buying are contaminated or not. In fact, the use of pesticides and chemicals to make the produce look fresh for a longer period is very rampant. Artificial colouring and sheen producing agents can be very harmful to the body.

Unless you buy organic produce, you are not entirely sure of the purity of the food items. But organic food is very expensive and most of the time is not readily available. Long-term consumption of contaminated foods items can be detrimental to health. Studies have shown that exposure to a small dose of organophosphates (a common agriculture pesticide) can lead to learning difficulties in children. The chemical can also trigger nervous system disorders and cancer. So, what does one do in such a case? The answer is simple and clear. New age appliances like a vegetable cleaner can come to your rescue.

Benefits of Vegetable Purifier

A vegetable and fruit cleaner is state-of-the-art product that ensures you consume all types of raw food item in a healthy manner. One of the most trusted brands in this sphere is KENT. As a pioneer water purifier manufacturer, the name has always been synonymous with innovation and technology. The all new KENT vegetable and fruit cleaner is beneficial for the following reasons –

– Removes harmful pesticides from Fruits & Vegetables – Washing fresh produce under the water only cleans it superficially. The skin of the tomatoes, bell pepper, apples may still carry the residual chemicals. However, the powerful ozone technology of the vegetable purifier will successfully remove the chemicals, pathogens and pesticides from the food item.

– Deodorizes Meat and Poultry – Besides fruits and vegetables, the appliance can also be used to deodorize and disinfect meat items, poultry and seafood.

– Increases the Shelf-Life of the Food Items- Once you wash the food items through the vegetable cleaner, the produce will remain fresh for a longer period of time.

Bring Vegetable Purifier to your Kitchen

To protect the health of your family, add this revolutionary product to your kitchen. The feeling of assurance that you are preparing a healthy meal to your family is very satisfying. Besides a high performance, the look and feel of this appliance is very modern. The snug design makes sure that the appliance takes up very little space in your kitchen. Additionally, as the appliance uses the oxygen in the atmosphere to clean the vegetable, there is no maintenance or replacement cost. It is a one-time investment that will ensure the health of your family for a long time.