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Trésmode to accelerate Omnichannel operations


Mumbai’s Trésmode is renowned for its ‘urban chic’ footwear with European aesthetic, and offers versatile collection, from work to party, catering to both men and women. The brand enjoys a notable pan-India footprint marked by own retail formats and a distribution network. Besides, its e-commerce presence comprises of own web store and partner online stores.

Trésmode to launch Omnichannel operations soonTrésmode to launch Omnichannel operations soon
Mumbai’s Trésmode is renowned for its ‘urban chic’ footwear with European aesthetic, and offers versatile collection, from work to party, catering to both men and women

Images Business of Fashion caught up with Chief Executive Officer, , to know more about the brand and its business.

When was Trésmode launched in India and how has been its journey so far?

Trésmode was launched in India in the year 2007 when the footwear market was just on the verge of expansion. Over the years, the brand has become a celebrity favourite and a renowned fashion brand in the country.

Describe the brand essence and its differentiation.

Trésmode has become a brand synonymous with ‘urban chic’ footwear. Combining state-of-the-art quality with edgy young designs, is one our core strength and differentiator. It is our unique collections and designs that make us stand out.

What products do you have and who is your core target group?

We have a versatile collection of men and women footwear and accessories that range from party to work wear, to an evening out of town which appeals to the urban clientele, whose fashion tastes are constantly evolving. We cater to a wide audience and it cannot be restricted in terms of age, demographics and socio-income background. We believe the only way to differentiate our audience is by their ‘mindset’. A mindset that has a global attitude, believes in the importance of ‘self being’, someone who is eager for newer experiences and on the path of self discovery. More so, we believe it is this fashion-forward individual with evolved dressing sensibilities, who is comfortable to dress down in a stylish way.

Please share your current presence across various sales channels.

We are present across the country through our exclusive nine boutiques in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai. We also retail through the shop-in-shop model. We have recently launched our own e-commerce website. Apart from this, we are part of all the major distribution channels. We will soon be launching our Omnichannel operations at our retail outlets.

What’s your overview of India’s footwear market? How has the customer perception and demand evolved in recent times?

The Indian retail market, especially the footwear industry as such has grown tremendously over the last seven years. Evolving lifestyles, increasing affluence and increased disposable income have been the key drivers to this fast rate growth. The market has opened and welcomed new domestic as well foreign brands. Customers are now more informed of what is available locally and don’t mind being associated with fashion brands such as ours who offer great styles, great products that go with their evolved dressing sensibilities. It is no longer just the women who are filling up the share of the total pie of purchase. Men have just discovered that there’s more than just that one office formal pair of footwear. They are now spending more or rather investing in dressing up for different occasions.

What kind of scope does the footwear product category has in India? What about the challenges?

With increased household income, shifting consumer behaviour from saving to spending, increasing brand consciousness amongst Indian consumers, influx of large number of global brands and penetration in tier-II & tier-III cities, the footwear market is rapidly evolving and expected to grow in the near future. The only challenges we see are from certain government policies which could be relaxed and footwear could be brought on par with clothing on the taxation front.

Walk us through the Trésmode store environment. How are you leveraging the technology in your business?

The rising trend in retail is now exploring options online before buying in-store. We have adopted a sort of partial Omnichannel approach wherein all the products that a customer finds in a brick-and-mortar store are available on our online channel and vice-versa. We are yet to tie in the loose ends and bring it to a full closure. Having said this, we offer price consistency across both shopping channels.

Certain other in-store experiences that we believe help us build and maintain loyalty among our customer; we offer a comprehensive loyalty program that offers customers with instant gratification in terms of discounts as well as cashback. We offer one-on-one personalized consultation with our styling expert who is available at our stores to help any customer with styling tips, recommendations, styling related advice. We also have a 24/7 live chat option available on our website, wherein our in-house stylist helps answer any styling related questions.

Shed light on the brand’s design and style inspirations.

All of our shoes are designed in studios based out of Florence by renowned designers. These designs are then modified by our in-house design experts to adapt to the taste of local customers. All of our designs are in tune with the current trends from the European market.

Tell us about your key innovation initiatives as regards the product design and development.

We recently launched an exclusive premium handcrafted line of men’s footwear in collaboration with designer Mario Fagni, who has fused his years of knowledge and centuries-old heritage of the Italian craftsmanship with contemporary styles. Made in Tuscany, Italy, this exclusive collection bears resemblance to the Italian sensibility by fusing innovation, durability and the finest raw material. Italy has been home to some of the best luxury brands in the world and is known the world over for their high quality leather and superior artistry. The global Indian is in sync with the latest trends in the European markets and is looking to get the same thing back home. We, at Trésmode, embody the European aesthetic and getting Mario Fagni who is known for combining his traditional artistry with a modern vision on board, was a natural progression.

Please share your marketing and promotions strategy.

Most of our engagement strategy revolves around our existing core customers who we call our brand loyalists. We run bi-monthly member-only promotions and create value add-ons for our customers.

How do you plan to grow your business and presence further?

E-commerce and Omnichannel are the future. This format will work hand-in-hand with your traditional brick-and-mortar formats. We will continue to invest in both these formats in the coming years. We are also expanding our presence through the airport model.