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Expert Speak: Anti-ageing products and their efficacy


The beauty sphere is growing at the same speed as technology in the world today. Take for example anti-ageing products. New age anti-aging creams boast of active ingredients like collagen, Q10, elastin, AHA and retinol, that are penetrating into the deepest layers of the skin to turn it years younger. The results are simply fast and fabulous.

Expert Speak: Anti-ageing products and their efficacy
New age anti-aging creams boast of active ingredients like collagen, Q10, elastin, AHA and retinol

Indeed, one has to amalgamate science and nature to derive the best from any beauty product. So, while choosing any anti-ageing product, one must make sure that it isn’t ‘chemical’ in nature. Look out for elements which are natural, yet, effective to give outstanding results sans side effects.

For example, AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid, are fruit extracts that remove the dead cells and a major component used in anti-ageing creams. The natural extracts are potent defoliators and known to regenerate skin cells. Hence, such creams not only help remove dead skin, they also expose fresh and young skin underneath, eventually helping the skin outside to remain young and glowing forever. The ingredient, AHA, being a purely natural one, is absolutely safe and sinks into the deeper layers of the skin for quicker, surer and faster results.

Similarly, Q10 is a natural co-enzyme generally found in our bodies until a certain age. It is naturally produced in our bodies and is responsible for providing 95 per cent of the energy we use. Not only this, the enzyme also neutralises the free radicals that are present in our bodies, making the skin glow – both from outside and inside.

Anti-ageing products enriched in Q10 work wonders for ageing skin by enabling the essential age defying elements to penetrate deeper inside the skin and therefore, making them work better, for the best results. This makes it easy for the nourishing agents to be absorbed into the skin layers, while repairing it internally, making it glow with youth externally.

Collagen creams are known to be the most successful anti-ageing creams to combat signs of skin-ageing. Collagen, too, is a natural substance present in our skin and is responsible for maintaining skin’s youth. However, with time, the collagen levels dip to cause ageing.

These modern creams are enriched with collagen and provide that muchneeded collagen benefits for ageing skin in order to turn it firm and young again. This super-active substance causes rehydration, regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin from deep inside.

So, if somebody encounters sagging or loss of elasticity on her/his skin, due to age or any other factor, it is refilled with active collagen that also boosts the collagen production in the skin-cells, doing away with the early signs of ageing. The products enriched with collagen enhance the fabrication of new cells for faster renewal of your skin. Not only this, the external collagen used uplifts your face while making the sagging skin firm and elastic.

These days, various beauty clinics offer a service called ‘young-skin’ mask, which is applied on the face and it contain 95 per cent of collagen. This works as a great skin-food and rehydrates your skin as well improves its firmness and flexibility.

The common factor amongst all the preceding ingredients is that they boost the level of collagen production into our skin cells eventually making way for better elasticity and supple skin. These ingredients have a strong tendency to get absorbed in the deepest of skin layers due to their nano nature and strong penetrating properties. So, it would be right to call them scientific treatments, instead.

Yes, these are not mere creams, as besides just glowing, they seem to treat the severest signs of ageing. In today’s fast paced world, nobody wants to wait for their facial creams to give results after a whole week! Therefore, these ingredients come as a great rescue in the world of beauty.