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ERP solutions to enhance performance of SMEs

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In order to meet internal and external requirements, SMEs have started establishing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to handle their existing processes. ERP is a business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.
In this day and age, ERP is considered the backbone for every organisation to support and deliver high quality services and increase the overall performance…
In recent times, SMEs in India have grown, expanding their businesses across related as well as unrelated fields. To support these activities, there has been a surge in demand for a centralized system to capture and monitor information and streamline the organizational processes. The need for an ERP system with specific features is no longer a luxury  – it is a necessity.
MD, Eazy Business Solutions, Kunal Singhal shares his insights on this subject…
What are the general ERP issues faced by SMEs?
There is a low level of awareness among SMEs for ERP applications. Most of the time, they do not even know what ERP systems are or how they can be beneficial for their business. Additionally, SMEs have the perception that ERP is meant only for large firms mainly owing to the high costs of acquisition, implementation and maintenance as also the complexity. This has led SMEs to believe that ERP implementations are a waste of time and effort.
How can SMEs avail of the solutions offered to reach the next level of retailing?
An SME faces many challenges in handling and streamlining its business process as it grows and expands. For this reason, it is very crucial that the company selects a perfect ERP solution which suits its business process to unify all businesses processes from sales, marketing, and finance to customer service. Often an SME entrepreneur argues that he has his own systems and also excels and spreadsheets which helps them keep all their data together and they do not need an ERP solution, or are thinking of purchasing a system later on when they are growing.
Most SMEs in India are not technology savvy; how can ERP solutions drive them into a robust and workable ERP?
SMEs are not very tech savvy and their use of computing is limited to using emails and web browsing. This is a challenge, but also presents an immense opportunity to build software for the sector. If the software is good, it can be incredibly useful for SME to improve its productivity. And this is what is happening with Tally, which is now a household name.
How affordable are your solutions?
EazyERP is specifically designed keeping SMEs budget constraints in mind. This solution aims at cutting down the overall cost of ERP involved in its deployment. Unlimited users at one license, no expenses concerning new hardware devices, open source database are some of the few technical aspects that bring down the cost of ERP to a big extent. Therefore, our client base has increased many-folds over last few years and includes some well-known SME brands such as MDH, Ashok Masala, Ujala Pumps, Hindustan Pumps, Pigeon and Kamdhenu Group to name a few.

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