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EasyMeat and Venky’s agree to share revenue


EasyMeat.in, Pune’s premium online portal for fresh meat products has signed an agreement to share revenue for one year with Venky’s, the renowned brand for chicken meat products.

venky's and easymeat
EasyMeat and Venky's have signed an agreement to share revenue for one year

The startup will charge a 15 per cent commission for each product of Venky’s sold on their portal, apart from an up-front fee from Venky’s.

“We have focussed on sourcing raw, fresh meat until now. Through the partnership with Venky’s, we will get the opportunity to explore the processed and frozen food section as well as receive guidance on these aspects,” Co-founder, EasyMeat.in, Shiva Sharan was quoted by the Economic Times as saying.

EasyMeat.in was launched in Pune in July 2015, as their business flourished, they are now planning to expand and move towards Bengaluru. The company is talking to its investors in order to increase the first round of funding in the coming months. Though the exact figure was not revealed.

The startup will source merchantable meat from various national and international suppliers and sum up to 90 products. The meat-delivery startup, depends on an inventory led e-commerce and it stores around 50 kg of meat on a daily basis.

“The leftover meat is sold to restaurants at a 25 per cent discount the original price, thereby bringing down its monthly waste to mere 0.2 per cent in an industry that sees up to 15-20 per cent wastage on a monthly basis.” Shiva Sharan was quoted by The Economic Times as saying.