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Shares of ITC’s Yippee rise upto 30-40 per cent


Instant noodles has improved its sales figures as the market shares have come up between 30- 40 percent.

Yippee Noodles market share rise up to 30-40 per cent

“Currently, market share in instant noodle (Yippee) would be between 30 and 40 per cent. Before, (after the Maggi controversy broke) it was 20 per cent.” Executive Director, , was quoted by PTI as saying.

He also added “During pre-Maggi controversy the industry sales were Rs 250-300 crore per month. The industry sales tanked to 5-10 per cent after the controversy broke, but now it is able to recover to nearly 50 per cent of the original industry sales. We had to run big campaigns to bring back the confidence. We are encouraged by the recovery but it is still far from complete recovery to pre-crisis sales.” Quoted by PTI as saying.

Puri also announced that the company is planning its expansion in the dairy sector. ITC has already entered the southern market with ghee and is also looking forward to introduce a segment for chocolates.

“We always explore to deepen the existing food products portfolio and are introducing new products,” Puri was quoted by PTI as saying about the food division, whose sales have crossed $1 billion.