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    Gender no bar: Amazon hires delivery girls


    Yet another male bastion is set to crumble as has hired an all-women team for deliveries in Chennai and Kerala. The idea is to create more jobs for women in a field otherwise dominated by men.

    Amazon India has hired and trained over 20 women under the project

    The job profile of these women includes delivery of around 40 packages per day within 2-3 kms of the delivery center. They will all be riding two-wheeler vehicles.

    Director of Transportation Amazon India, Samuel Thomas told the press that as long as the customer experience remained top notch, there was no reason why the company could not hire women delivery personnel.

    Two women-only delivery stations have already been launched by Amazon in Thiruvananthapuram and Chennai and a third will open in Kochi next month. The company has fixed work timings for these women – 7am to 7pm – keeping in view women safety. There is also a helpline number for the delivery women.

    The e-commerce company has trained over 20 women under the project and plans to train two to three more every month.

    Women delivery persons require basic qualifications – riding a two-wheeler, and reading and writing English. They will draw the same salaries as men in the field.