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India Retail Forum 2016


India Retail Forum (IRF) promises to deliver exceptional experiences to help your business craft incredible shopping journeys. A gate pass to the world that explores global retail trends and progressive technology and discovers enlightening retail ideas with the creme-de-la-creme of the retailing world, IRF 2016 will study and devise strategies to strengthen retail’s reinvention in India.

Regardless of the type and bottom-line of your business; embedding intuitive intelligence in your operations is key to servicing the customer. This period of Retail Renaissance is therefore, empowering retailers and retail support companies with digital data and connectivity, thereby connecting consumers with products and experiences holistically.


Innovation – the culture that differentiates winners from also-rans – is as much about original thought as it is about knowledge. Game-changing ideas are often the result of observation and an information-driven environment. At IRF 2016, discover how rapid shifts in consumer behaviour are altering how retail functions, and create the future of your business with truly path-breaking innovations.


Knowledge is power, the fuel for change, for staying ahead-of-the-curve. In the modern, continuously-connected consumer universe of today, silo approaches must be abandoned in favour of more and more granulated information. With its vast attendance of global retail leaders and experts, IRF 2016 is the ultimate reservoir of far-reaching insights and deep discernments on market-ahead innovations, technologies and retail trends.


The robustness of channel partnerships determines the scale of a retail operation’s success. Brand building, marketing and retail expansion strategies typically involve the coordinated actions of multiple partners, each a specialist in a specific domain. With the opportunity to meet with leading specialists in every function of a retailer’s supply chain – from distribution to last-mile logistics – IRF 2016 contains the sparks to forge potential relationships across the country and globally.