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Kérastase, a second life for hair



First renewal care for highly damaged and over-processed hair

The Résistance Thérapiste range from Kérastase is the first renewal care for highly damaged and over-processed hair. Thérapiste improves hair resistance by 125 per cent and reduces split ends by 76 per cent

Kérastase ambassadors around the world have acted as the confidants of women who admit their hair care over indulgences. Today there is a wide gamut of services available to make hair look glamorous, but in the long run, excessive experimentation without proper care leads to damage. If hair feels feel limp, the colour appears faded or if hair looks and feels dead, Kérastase has the solution for you. To combat these worries, Kérastase has introduced the ultimate solution for damaged, over processed hair, with Resistance Thérapiste. With Thérapiste, give your hair a second life to recreate the quality of the hair fibre from within, allowing you to indulge and experiment with your hair without feeling guilty.

renu kantRenu Kant, Director,Envi Salons says, Kérastase Thérapiste is a fibre quality renewal system which works like magic on damaged hair. Those who have been hard on their hair and need to bring it back to life, Thérapiste is the range for them. With the Thérapiste in-salon rituals, Kérastase allows you to continue to experiment with your hair without worrying about damage.


Damaged hair defined
The primary hair concern across the world today, is that of damage, which is associated with breakage, split ends, difficulty in untangling and dullness. In case of damaged hair, the texture is dry to touch and the thickness of each strand is uneven; hair lacks shine, split ends are prominent and hair colour fades quickly. This is where the latest launch by Kérastase, Resistance Thérapiste steps in.

The science
Hair fibre is made up of Ceramides, the inter-celullar cement, which is the external layer of the fibre and Keratin, which is the main element of the hair structure. As per the latest research conducted at the L’Oréal Advanced research, Keratin Associated Proteins or KAPs are the tiny proteins that link and bond keratin together. About 50 per cent of our hair is made of KAPs. When our hair is ‘damaged’, the KAPs have essentially eroded, leading to the collapse of our hair structure.

resurrection placeRevolutionary breakthrough
Nature has a lot to offer us and when it is coupled with science, even new hair fibre can be recreated. One such miracle cure is Myrothamnus Flabellifolia or Resurrection Plant. During the most severe droughts, this unique plant loses its green colour and upto 97 per cent of its mass, retracting its stems to concentrate precious vital elements at its core. When once again in contact with water, the resurrection plant regains its original casing and a new cycle of life, begins. Resurrection sap, extracted from this plant and mixed with tamarind gum is the key ingredient of Resistance Thérapiste Range.

Kerastase Densifique Haircare ReviewIn-salon experience
Kératherapy (75 minutes)
An ideal Ritual for damaged, over-processed hair, to give your hair a second life. An exclusive Ritual designed to compensate for the loss of keratin and reconstruct damaged hair fibre. It helps in reactivating radiance and makes hair silky.

Split End Sealing Ritual (20 minutes)
The first split end sealing Ritual by Kérastase. A quick 20 minutes service that
instantly repairs the hair fibre; heals and seals damaged ends. Split ends reduces
by 76 per cent.

Second life for hair: Résistance Thérapiste
The Résistance Thérapiste range improves hair resistance by 125 per cent, reduces split
ends by 76 per cent; reconstructs hair; heals ends; reactivates radiance and makes the hair silky to the touch. It is suited for all hair types and comprises of Bain Thérapiste shampoo, Masque Thérapiste and Serum Thérapiste. The Bain Thérapiste shampoo benefits from a new technology and is highly charged with cationics to boost repair power. The polymers specifically developed for a jellified, almost solid texture, envelope the strands during a wash and reduce friction between them. The Masque Thérapiste has a rich, velvety texture that fuses onto the hair to fill it with reparative complexes that restore the fibre, acting like a bandage and has a strong repairing action. The Serum Thérapiste, suitable for both fine and thick hair, is doubly effective as it has an oily and creamy texture. It instantly heals split ends and also offers protection from heat up to 230°.

Crash tests in place
Instrumental tests show that the resistance of over-processed hair treated with Résistance Thérapiste is more than the strength of normal hair. After 10 applications of the routine, there is an improvement by 125 per cent in the overall resistance of hair. The Thérapiste range also reduces the number of split ends by 76 per cent.