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Berina Cosmetics: Carving it’s own niche



Berina offers the best hair straightener cream and a wide array of colours

ajay jalan, Managing Director, , gives an overview of the brand and future of the hair and beauty industry in India.


Give us a brief background of Berina
Beirna was launched in 1955 as a family business in Bangkok, Thailand. The high quality of our products has helped the company emerge as a top brand in Thailand. Today, we are among the topmost brands in the world. We entered the Indian market in 2005 and are available in salons all over the country.

What is the focus of the brand?
We educate people and let them know about the requirements in today’s era. Our focus is to enhance the productivity and accessibility of our products in the market. Our first priority is to provide better products and services for hair to our customers.

What inspired you to get involved in the business of hair and skin care?
Ever since the college days, I have been interested in beauty, hair care and grooming. I observed that in India, people are quite passionate about their skin and hair. I thought of doing something in this line and so launched Berina in India.

Which are the star products?
The hair colour and hair straightening cream from Berina are the hot sellers. Berina offers the best hair straightener cream and a wide array of colour creams.

What are the marketing strategies?
As we believe in long-term relationships with customers, we provide them premium quality products at reasonable prices.

What are your views on the hair and beauty industry of India?
India’s hair and beauty industry is growing day-by-day. Indian consumers are moving away from the merely functional products to more advanced and specialised cosmetic items. Brands have taken note of this change and are developing new marketing strategies to offer the best to the aware Indian consumer.

What are the reasons for the spurt in the industry?
Economic and demographic trends continue to be a major influence for sale of cosmetics and toiletries in India, which has grown by 5 per cent. A cumulative positive impact has been rendered by the upbeat pace of the Indian economy, post liberalisation. Which is enhanced by the disposable income levels and high aspiration amongst the consumers. Changing lifestyles in the booming middle class as well as a growing base of youth with a high inclination to self-indulge, pervasive media and rising westernisation have awakened the consciousness of the Indian consumer to proactively seek health and beauty offerings to look and feel good.

What is the future of our hair and beauty industry?
It is growing rapidly in India. The Indian Hair Care Market is expected to show a growth of 30 to 35 per cent in the last few years. The fastest growing sector in hair beauty industry is hair colour, straightener cream, shampoo, conditioner, gel and hair spray.

What are your plans for the brand?
We are planning to launch some more professional products soon and our training seminar is a regular activity.