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The Bullian Royal Rejuvenation, Bullian Spa, Noida


Starting with a floral foot bath, based on the application of essential oils, a nourishing vegetable base using lymphatic and pressure point massage technique, which combines the sense of touch and smell to offer a rejuvenating experience while the muscles get relaxed. It’s a light massage to initiate energy flow in the body and relieve stress. This is followed by circular application of peeling milk soap, aqua based lotion, natural dead seamud mask and finally using rich oil based body cream, which removes the dead skin cells leaving the body smooth and supple. Next is a small session of whirlpool massage followed by steam bath. Rejuvenating facial is given by experts to get a radiant glow on the face. The session is concluded with a gentle pedicure and manicure, and bath refreshment. The duration of the entire session is 215 minutes (Aromatherapy Massage-60 minutes, Body Polishing-30 minutes, Manicure and Pedicure- 45 minutes, Jacuzzi with Hydrotherapy-15 minutes, Steam-15 minutes, Rejuvenating Facial By Casmara-30 minutes, Bath and Refreshment- 20 minutes) and the price is Rs.5499 (exclusive of taxes).