Home Food Service Award-winning foodservice concept Smally’s to expand across Bengaluru

Award-winning foodservice concept Smally’s to expand across Bengaluru


After almost a year after the debut of Smally’s, the winner and Bengaluru-based resto cafe, , Founder and Director has opened a new and bigger outlet of Smallys on the city’s Church Street. With an investment of Rs 65 lakh, the new 1,350 square feet outlet has two floors.

The first floor, called Easy Tiger, is a reasonably priced bar and cafe that serves alcohol, where Hegde has signed up a kitchen management deal and caters two separate menus and kitchens.

The ground floor follows the same rustic interior and menu theme as the first Smally’s outlet located in Ulsoor. Hegde, who expects to break even from the first outlet within two years, is targeting the same for his new outlet considering the current statistics.

Hegde is keen on opening 3 to 5 outlets in the next two years across the city and then spread the concept to a pan-India presence; the expansion will include a baking unit to cater to the huge demands for bread and buns.”We target 750-1,000 buns a day per outlet. Also at current turnovers, we are probably a viable model unlike most other upscale restaurants, which run at high overheads. Our supply chain management has been given most importance and it’s taken us almost a year to stabilise. At this stage we have cut costs from most vendors to create a very stable price aspect,” he explains.

Hegde is looking at opening four outlets from internal accruals and then bringing in a strong investor from the hospitality sector to push the model across the country. He plans to retain the small size-with-kitchen operation model under 200 square feet area and a seating of about 700-800.

“Our ultimate goal is customer service. We are always primarily driven by passion, not just for great financials. Limca officially announced us in 2015 for starting India’s smallest restaurant in Ulsoor at 138 square feet area and we have grown since,” Hegde says.