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Payal Jain : Eclectic Fusion


Seamlessly blending Indian recherché and craftsmanship with modern day western silhouettes, designer Payal Jain is known for her effortless style. The industry veteran talks to Salon India about the coherence between fashion and beauty

What is the contribution of a fashion designer in planning and creating a model’s looks?
The designer conceives the entire look based on their vision of the collection. This is planned way before the shoot or ramp show stage and the entire process of creating the collection revolves around this vision. The model’s ramp or shoot look is only an extension of this ethos and design inspiration.

What is the importance of hair and make-up in fashion?
Fashion is incomplete without hair and make-up. The look, initially conceptualised by the designer, can only be completely represented once the make-up and hair look are complete.

Who is your inspiration and why?
Every season and every collection is inspired by a different thought, be it nature, artists, art form, culture, craft, historical period or geographical location. There are no boundaries and parameters when it comes to inspirations. about transforming that vision into reality, be it with make-up, hair, accessories, music, sets, sound, lights, music or ambience.

Which is the most outrageous look adapted by you?
I remember working on a collection inspired by the artist Gustav Klimt, which was full-on bling and glitz and was totally contrary to my design aesthetics and sensibility. It was great fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

What is the missing element in the fashion weeks?
I think the integrity and sincerity that is needed to create something unique and magical is missing in fashion weeks. It has become more of a commercial and business driven exercise.

Who are the make-up artists you usually work with?
Ambika Pillai, Mickey Contractor, Jojo and Yatan and many more.

How do you incorporate beauty and hairstyles in your collection and ramp?
When I design or even conceptualise a collection, I have a clear vision of how I am seeing it on the ramp. Rest of the journey is about transforming that vision into reality, be it with make-up, hair, accessories, music, sets, sound, lights, music or ambience.
What are your favourite make-up and hair products?
I use Estée Lauder make-up for myself and MAC for shoots and shows. I don’t like using hair products for myself but, for shoots, I am happy to use whatever the look Demands.

What are the beauty trends that you have witnessed in the past few years?

Beauty trends change as quickly as fashion trends and are constantly reinterpreted and reinvented: bold to subtle, gloss to matt, bright to monochromatic.

What are your future plans? Do you plan to be involved in the cosmetic and hair industry of India?
I don’t have anything specific in mind yet but, maybe I would like to launch a high end make-up line under my label in the future.