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Kidswear Fashion Trends for SS’15


Ingene Insights compiles the Spring Summer 2015 fashion trends for kids that  will be a palate of sea, sun, vacation, tropicana, boho spirit and oriental flavours. The trends will be an amalgamation of dream catchers, doodling, block print and vintage love.

According to Ingene’s research, the upcoming Spring Summer 2015 fashion for kids will be a mixed palate of sea, sun, vacation, tropicana, candies, daisies, boho spirit as well as oriental flavours amalgamated with dream catchers, doodling, block print and vintage love. Ingene team suggested that there will be a splash of coral pink, neon blue, sea-green, indigo, neon yellow, daisy yellow, sand-brown, nude and white.

This season will be filled by joyous celebrated holiday vibes with tutu dresses, lots of ruffles and pleats, luxury embroidered dresses, stylish long boho dresses, chic low hip dresses with clean lines, jumpsuits, cool jogger-pants and black background floral print. From the previous season, leopard print will make a repeat, majorly sharing spaces with candy colours or in the leggings and boots. It seems that Autumn Winter 2014-15 trend, black floral will be still there in Summer but interestingly teamed up with fresh Summer yellow or pristine white! As per Ingene’s analysis, below are a few upcoming dominant trends which will be apt for Indian domestic market.

Neon Candy

Enough candy sensation, the pop of candy colours, with their neon counterparts will rule this SS 2015. Coral pink, neon blue, sea-green and neon yellow will dominate the scene. Apart from whole candy colours in the dress, there will be neon-candy enhancement teamed up with others e.g. with pale blue, grey or nautical lines as in the dress from ‘Finger in the nose’ where neon-yellow has been placed in the shoulder strap.

Sea Holiday

It’s a vacation mood and exploration with sea and sea related things. With the range of blues, sea-green, blue ombre effect, creatures from sea (e.g. Star fishes, whales, fishes etc. as in Popushop), nautical lines, anchors, waves and surfing (as in Gap kids), wavy uneven hemlined dresses (e.g. Parrot dress), this trend will make enough surfing in the market.


This spring summer daisies will be majorly occupied trend among other floral print. The yellow daisies with their sweetness will be in print, in surface decoration, in solid colour, be it in dress or accessory!

Wild Safari

This spring summer’15 will explore range of birds, animals, insects, palm trees, a bit different from previous season’s tropical rain forest theme. In this trend dominant print will be leopard, rabbit, bear, insects, different types ornamental beaked birds and palm trees.

Lux Decor

Lace is a major comeback in this season with scalloping. Besides lace, surface detailing with sequins, eyelets and appliqué will be dominant. The essence is totally luxury with vintage glamour.

Layery Diva

This season will see a lot of pleats and layers in girls fashion. Tutu dress will be in vogue as well as layered dresses and minis will rock.


This is one of a distinct trend in printing. Be it simple line oriental doodling (as in Marks & Spencer tee) or with paint (as in Alivia Simone dress), the doodling will rock for both boys and girls fashion; even simple fun emoji doodling will take notice.


This is major upcoming trend in tees with 3D effect as in Dandy-star tees and tiger printed Molo-Kids tee where it seems that tigers are coming out from the tee.


This is one of the amazing upcoming trend in Oriental flavours. From origami folding print (as in Munster kids, Marc Jacobs & Paul Smith dress) to origami structure as design feature e.g. in ‘No added sugar’ dress where the sleeves are folded like origami.


Free spirited boho fashion for both girls and boys with dreamcatcher, feather, tribal and block print. Loose kurta style, long flowy maxi style and harem pants are the dominant features.


Gingham checks are back with big bang. The old world charm is back for both boys and girls.

Story Telling

A distinct trend of the upcoming season in print which will be like a comic stripe or graphics with a full fable story as in Bubble London dress and in Klein shorts.

Athletic Kid

A major trend for this spring summer with the playful joggers pant, athletic themed tees, yoga dress, sport styled shorts (as in Sudo silver shorts) etc.

Skully-fied Traveler

Skulls will rock the boys wardrobe this summer. It will be dominant in tees as well as in jeans. Be it pirate themed or else this summer, smart fashionable kids will have wish for this trend.

Vintage Kids

The vintage air will be there in the form of patched up denims, wash effect floral themed denim dress for girls (e.g. Dandy Star), bow tie, high waist lowers and buckles.