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The AFF Osaka 2015 Spring Fair Scheduled in April


AFF Osaka 2015 is scheduled to take place at Mydome Osaka between April 14th and 16th, 2015. The expo will be hosted by AFF Co., Ltd. and the Japan-China Economic Relations Trade Centre and organized by the AFF Organizing Committee. The 6,000 square meter event will showcase a variety of products across the fashion industry chain, including garments, fabrics and textiles.

2015 marks the 24th year of the (AFF), a biannual event which debuted in 2003 and has become the largest OEM-ODM expo for fashion in Japan. With the Japanese textile industry having gone through a period of diversified development in Asia over the past few years, the AFF looks to further expand its influence by creating the best trade platform for both exhibitors and visitors through the organization of the fair.

AFF Tokyo 2014, held at Bigsight, Tokyo between September 17th and 19th of 2014, hosted 399 participating companies, 477 booths and 5,597 professional buyers from all across Japan (broken down by Japan”’s administrative divisions as originating from one municipality, two urban prefectures, one territory and 38 prefectures) as well as from many countries, including Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. According to statistics, the buying power of the attendees as categorized by the respective registered capital of their firms broke down into three tiers: companies with a registered capital of more than one billion yen (approx. US$8 million) represented some 15 per cent, those between 100 million yen (approx. US$800,000) and one billion yen accounted for 17 per cent while those between 10 million yen (approx. US$80,000) and 100 million yen took up 50 per cent of the total. Top management and C-suite executives accounted for one third and one fourth of the attending buyers, respectively. Eighty per cent of the buyers engaged in negotiations with exhibitors on site that lasted for more one hour while 95 per cent of exhibitors expressed either general satisfaction or basic satisfaction with the results of the show.